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It’s easier to get people to listen to you, if you can make them laugh

How can I get confident adding humour when I speak in public?

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Humour is a great tool to engage, inspire and connect with your audience.

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And yet, trying to be funny can be scary. What if it fails? What if I look stupid and everyone knows I tried to be funny and it didn’t’ work?

Learn how to make people laugh

You will learn

  •  Risk free ways of having a go at getting a laugh – so no one will even know you are trying.​​

  •  Learn ways to get that laugh, even when your first attempt fails.

  •  Learn how to be more relaxed you get on stage, the more people start to laugh because you will naturally become funny without trying.


Once you have mastered these:  discover  lots more ways you can get your audience laughing.


And then, we hire you to perform at the comedy club!!

And thats just the funny bit ......

Our punch up your public speaking course introduces you to a whole range of techniques comedians use to captivate your audience.

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Using emotion – how do you want your audience to feel when you speak?

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Emotion that moves – what result do you desire?  What action do you want your audience compelled to make?

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Storytelling – how do you move from ‘my presentation is so dull, I’m boring myself’ to I can’t wait to share my story with the board, the client, anyone who will listen!

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Confidence to speak – how do you move from ‘managing my nerves’ to ‘doing my speech is the most exciting part of my week’.

Who is this course for ?

Are you the person who wants to ...

inspire, motivate and move people

sell your ideas, products and services

create massive amounts of buy-in & support for your ideas, projects & plans

engage and inspire your team

teach people in a way that they never forget

What happens if I sign up?

The course is split into 3 modules. The modules last approx 90 minutes and end with a Q&A session.  We cover one module each week.  They run on Wednesdays at 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET, 11:00 PDT, 14:00 EDT.

You can join the course any week, you don't have to wait for the next course to start as the modules are designed so you can do them in any order.

We aim to make the course as interactive as possible, although you don't have to interact, you are welcome to sit and listen.

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Storytelling & Emotion

People love stories, the more you can create stories to present your ideas, the more people will engage and remember them.  As a presenter it is also much easier to remember a story.  This gives you a big advantage. The more you know your material, the more you can relax when you are presenting on stage.

In this module, you will discover


How to discover the key parts of your story


How to use words and images to bring your story to life

How to start strong and finish strong

How to discover what really matters in your story

How to use emotion when telling your story

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Stage Presence

Even a mediocre comedian can be amazing when they fully commit. When a speaker is confident on stage, the audience naturally has confidence in the speaker, creating a positive circle. The only person who can decide if you are confident is you, and that's a gift.

In this module, you will discover


How to prepare to be confident on stage, in the weeks, days, hours and minutes before you speak


How to build rapport with your audience


Techniques that will make you appear confident to your audience & also make you feel like a pro.


How to handle questions & interruptions

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Adding Humour

But what if I'm not funny?  What if I try and no one laughs?

I don't want to look & feel like an idiot in front of colleagues.  Fear of failure is a huge barrier to adding humour to your presentation or speech. You will discover risk free ways of 'having a go'. If you don't get a laugh no one will know.

In this module, you will discover


Risk free joke structures to try.  The benefit is these structures will enhance your material even if you don't get a laugh


How to recover when you do try to get a laugh & it fails


Getting relaxed and confident that the funny just flows


When you get confident and ready to 'go for it', some advanced ways to get your audience laughing.

How much do I need to invest and what is included ?

The 3 Modules - Story Telling & Emotion,  Stage Presence & Adding Humour


The Opportunity to join any of the modules for a second time if you like


Every session ends with a chance to ask questions


Access to our Free community, to share stories and connect with other public speakers

All for an investment of

Putting it into practice

Claire Jones

Strategy Manager


Anne & Mark, thank you so much for your help.  I've been practising and it's working.  I did my speech last week and was brave enough to have a go making the audience laugh.  It felt amazing.

David Parker

Business Owner

Wow, just simple changes, that I'd not thought of before and now I love presenting my business to everyone

Sandra Gilbert

Operations Leader


Thank you, you helped me think about how I communicate with my team and how my mood impacts on them.  I feel I am now becoming a better manager and my team are a lot more cheerful, which makes work a lot more pleasant.

Personalise it for me
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Personalised feedback on your presentation


A personalised plan for each module how you could use the lessons to punch up your presentation


Personalised ideas and suggestions for adding humour into your presentation

And if you want extra help we can provide you with a personalised plan.

Send our team a recording of your presentation and our comedians will watch it and provide you with:

You can add the personalised plan when you book your course ticket on our ticketing site.

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Get Started on  Wednesday 2nd November @ 6pm (GMT)

Course runs on Wed 2nd Nov, Wed 9th Nov & Wed 16th November

Get Started on Wednesday 9th November @ 6pm (GMT)

Course runs Wed 9th Nov, Wed 16th Nov & Wed 23rd November

Get Started on Wednesday 16th November @ 6pm (GMT)

Course runs Wed 16th Nov, Wed 23rd Nov & Wed 30th November

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