Your Event, Your Choice

If you are looking to host a one off event or start an established regular night of  "Comedy" at your venue. We here at Comedy At Work are here to help you. 

We have successfully hosted comedy nights in Pubs, Restaurants, Sporting/Social Clubs, Hotels, Village Halls and Schools.

​Our service will include;

  • Finding out your requirements/ expectations

  • Advice on ticket pricing and providing a booking site if necessary.

  • Getting your event into local media ( if required)

  • Sourcing comedians and an experienced MC

  • Supplying sound & light system

  • Setting up venue so its conducive to comedy 

  • Clearing down venue post show

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What's The Cost ?

Each event is different and the cost depends on not only the numbers expected but, how you would like to run the event. We have two basic packages but we also can host bespoke events to your exact requirements.

  1. We charge a ticket price ( which can include food or even a drink) and all revenue from the event is split on a pre-agreed basis.

  2. We charge you a flat fee, leaving you in complete control of what you want to offer your patrons

What Next ?

If you are interested in our services please use the links below and we will get back to you ASAP to discuss your requirements

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