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Hi, thank you for visiting Comedy at Work’s Virtual Birthday Party page. We have had to move our birthday party offering into the on-line world and wow have we got a fun and exciting event for anyone celebrating a birthday. We can cater for anyone between 7 to 100+, even Lego only cater for up to 99 ! 




We host birthday parties with a difference. They’re fun, interactive and bring out every child’s natural creativity. This isn’t just sitting down in front of a screen and being entertained. This is being entertained whilst having fun and learning new skills. The person celebrating their birthday not only have a great time but, they also increase their own self confidence.




Our parties are held over the ZOOM platform and last 90 mins( this is not a strict timing and we quite often run over - we never stop the fun due to time!). You don’t need an account with Zoom. to take part, you simply join through a link that we will send to you. We even provide you with individually designed digital invites to send to your guests with all the details they need.




During one of our events all the guests will learn up to three simple magic tricks from our ‘West End’ magician Wayne Trice and how to perform them with a funny story using their own creativity as coached by Stand-up Comedian Mark Hinds. We even get them to creatively come up with their own magician's Stage Name to use later in the party.


The magic they will learn requires some basic household objects; Paper, coins, rubber bands and a deck of ordinary playing cards. The difficulty of the tricks is always adapted to match the age group of the party. Wayne teaches all the tricks so that they can be performed in person or via a web show.


They will then learn how to create a funny story out of nothing. We use various games from the world of ‘Improvised Comedy’ to really get them being creative. This is brilliant and very, very funny. Some of the characters the kids have come up with in previous parties are so funny that we are seriously thinking of including them in our sets, when we are finally allowed to perform on stage again! Just to make sure we give the guests an all-round experience we even teach them what to do if the trick goes wrong. We have had some budding little Tommy Coopers already. This gives them great confidence when it comes to the finale of the party.


As a finale, every guest who wishes to, can perform the trick of their choice to whole party. We always give them the option to not do this if they are not comfortable performing. This is a great way to end this unique party and we invite the parents/guardians to come and watch their child shine and have fun.


A typical party might go something like this:

  • Welcome all the guests

  • Introduce Wayne and Mark

  • Tell guests what’s going to happen

  • Wayne teaches Magic Tricks **

  • Mark teaches Improvisation and performance techniques**

  • The guests perform a trick to everybody using the skills they’ve learned, if they wish to do so

  • Wayne and I answer any questions that the guests may have.

  • We sing Happy Birthday


** depending on numbers we sometimes split into 2 groups so that every guest gets the full experience with Wayne and Mark and then we all join up for the finale.





If you would like your child to have a different, magical and fun birthday then we would love to provide one for you.


Our fee for this is £150.00 and our booking procedure is below;


  1. Contact us to arrange a party date

  2. Give us the Name & age of the birthday boy/girl

  3. We will design party invites for you to send out

  4. Let us know any queries, special requests etc

  5. When all this is agreed we will send you a link to our payment site for you to pay securely over the web.

  6. Sit back and wait for the Magic and Fun to start.

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For any further information or to request dates and times please contact Mark Hinds at +44 (0) 7725 362677 or or complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you asap.

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