Comedy At Work …. Combining Comedy and Real Magic


Would your child like to learn how to do magic tricks from a real magician?


For our Magic and Comedy series of workshops, we have partnered with a magician.  A real magician, not just a kids entertainer. 


In each workshop:


The magician, will teach your child, how to do two magic tricks. 

The comedian will then using creative tools and techniques to help each child develop their own creative story around the trick. 


A great magician is one that can master the magic trick to deliver it seamlessly and create tension and drama in their performance. 


This workshop focuses on bringing the two together, to teach your child to perform magic rather than just ‘do a trick’.  We even tackle how to pull off the performance if it goes wrong. 



These workshops are awesome.  Yes they are a lot of fun, but its more that.


Being able to perform magic creates confidence in a child. 

It helps them engage with another person or a group of people. It helps their personal communication skills and their confidence around other children and with adults. 

Knowing you have something up your sleeve (excuse the pun!), for that talent show at school or when making new friends helps a child to feel more confident and that they have something special about them. 


We have two age groups again, we do slightly more complex tricks with the older kids. 

They are a series of 3, 90 minute workshops over 3 different dates. 

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