Punch Up Your Communication

Would you like to command the room whenever you are speaking?

Would you like to know that when you speak, people listen and get inspired by what you say?

Would you like to skilfully handle speaking to different groups from the Leadership Team to Senior Clients?


Imagine being able to present and speak like a comedian – Getting the whole room listening to you, being punchy and to the point, being engaging about serious subjects, and yes making people laugh. 


The most successful leaders know how to captivate their people and their customers. 

A Great Communicator Can Achieve Anything They desire 

How much easier would it be to walk into a boardroom, know you could talk in such an engaging way that you could get the support you need?

How much would your business thrive if you could pitch to any potential customer and know that you could grab and keep their attention long enough to get them excited about your product?

What would you do, if you could convince a recruiter that you are the person to take that dream job?

But I’m Too Nervous to Speak with Conviction

If you shake like a leaf when speaking in public, don’t despair.  Many Stand-Up Comedians are super shy – they have just learnt some techniques that help them overcome the fear of standing up and speaking, this is possible for anyone to do. 

I Don’t Ever Speak in Public

A lot of these skills can be applied to one to one conversations as well as speaking to big groups of people. 

You can also use the majority of these techniques in your written communication.

Why Bother Investing in Developing Communication Skills?

I have managed so far and I am not an amazing public speaker?  

Do you have any of the following frustrations in your life ?

I’m not in the job role I would really desire.

I’m not making enough money.

I’m too scared to follow my dreams.

My team don’t do what I ask them to do.

I can’t convince my boss to implement my ideas.

I struggle to connect with others.

Communication is Critical to Success.

Whether you are demonstrating your value as an employee and why you should be paid more money or demonstrating how well your services meets the needs of your potential clients, how you engage and make your case is critical to the outcome.

But a Comedian is Just About Being Funny, My Work is Serious

A Stand Up Comedian has to get the audience listening.  Comedians tell stories in a way that keeps people interested, they use emotion and surprise to keep the audience on their toes and wanting to listen. 

All of this, is for one reason, to make people laugh. 


The punch line is where a comedian gets the result, the laugh.  But you can only get to the laughter if you got the audience listening and paying attention to you. 

What Can a Stand Up Comedian Really Teach Me?

We can teach you all those techniques, tricks, tools that comedians use in order to get to engage with their audience, keep their attention, illustrate their point, bring it to life.


If you want to get your point across in an engaging way, that gets people excited and enthusiastic, that is clear and easy to understand, use these techniques. You might even find yourself becoming funnier and funnier at the same time.

How Do We Teach These Techniques?

We start off with a couple of interactive workshops where we introduce you to the techniques.  We then have a monthly group coaching call and if you feel you need personal support, to look at particular speech, sales pitch or even your marketing material we run personal coaching as well. 


There is a lot to share with you.  

The Workshops -  What to Expect

Creating passion.  How to do this even when you aren’t passionate about your subject.  First for you, how do you fall in love with your topic. This will give you a real edge when speaking and secondly it will make you less nervous. 

Think about it – who engages you more, the speaker with cards or the speaker that is so relaxed that they on the stage just talking, like it’s a personal conversation with you, not a formal presentation. 


How to manage nerves.  How to prepare in advance and how to stay calm if the nerves hit whilst you are speaking.


How to connect with your audience.  Hopefully you will understand already what you audience is interested in.  But the best presenters are able to adapt.  If you can see your audience isn’t responding as you were hoping they would, how do you deal with this?  

To do this you need to be able to listen. Wow - Speak, present and listen and respond all at the same time.  

All comedians have to master this. Firstly to deal with hecklers but also for those occasions were things are going very badly and the audience is NOT laughing !!

WE can teach you how to become more and more ‘in the room’ so you can quickly adapt and attempt to turn things around. 


Tools for Punching Up Your Communication. Starting Strong – how to open your presentation so you grab attention from the first moment. 

How to remove extra words to get to the point.  Too many extra words and facts distracts from the key points you are trying to make. 

Using Storytelling and Emotion to illustrate the key points

Stage skills for commanding the audience, looking confident.


Adding Humour. If you are new to adding humour some ‘low risk’ tools that even if you don’t get a laugh will make your pitch more memorable.

If you are used to making people laugh, some new structures to get even more laughs.

How to make jokes appropriate and what’s inappropriate. 

Stage Skills - silly mistakes that will kill engagement but are easy to avoid. 

Now The Fun Starts

How to evolve.  How to apply the tools and how to keep getting better.  

How Does It Work & How Much Does It Cost?

Whilst we are on restriction we will be holding all our workshops over the ZOOM platform. You don't require a ZOOM account and we will send you all the details you need to join us when you reserve your place.

We charge just £149 to join both workshops or if you would like to only attend one then it costs £79

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