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Want to learn some tips on how to communicate and deliver your ideas from a the world of Stand Up Comedy?

I left the corporate world last year to become a Stand UP Comedian.  I can’t tell you my shock to find out the tools that a comedian uses to communicate are so relevant to the business world.  I wish I had become a comedian years ago, it would have accelerated my business career massively.


If you think about why being a comedian is scary, it’s because you get instant feedback. If you don’t engage your audience, they don’t laugh.  That has happened to me so many times, we affectionally call it dying on stage.  And yes it is absolutely terrifying. 

But it is also a gift. 

Imagine if every time you spoke in a meeting, presented to a client or at the board meeting, you knew instantly if you had been successful in reaching your audience. 

Or imagine if you knew instantly if you had failed to sell your idea or product. Ok, that bit is scary, the F word, failure – however if you knew in an instant, think how many weeks, months or even years of failure or mediocre results could you avoid?  How quickly you could turn things around by adapting your message to meet what you audience really want?

I will be sharing some of the lessons I have learnt about communication in a Free Webinar on

Thursday 30th April

19:00 BST

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Anne Docherty

I have spent many years in the corporate world, running training courses, team meetings, speaking at conferences.  Last year I left the corporate world to become a Stand Up Comedian.  After using comedy in conferences speeches, I have a rare insight into how to combine the two worlds to deliver an impactful speech or story. 

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