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Would you like to go into any presentation or pitch knowing your audience will walk away feeling energized and enthusiastic about your message?

How would it feel to know that people think of you as a great speaker?

Would you like to be able to manage your nerves so well that you never turn down an opportunity to speak again?



When Nobody Laughs ………….


To become a great Stand UP Comedian, you have to keep your audience engaged and listening from start to finish.  After all if a comedian fails, no one laughs. Even worst everyone in the room knows that it hasn’t gone well.


Contrast this to a business presentation, how often have you listen to a presentation or even been in a meeting and you are wondering how you can get out of the door without anyone noticing?  Do you think the speaker or presenter knows this? I’m sure sometimes they do, but often I think either they don’t know the people they are speaking to are dying of boredom or worst they just think that is the way it has to be.  


Just because you are communicating in business, does not mean it has be boring and hard work. There are ways to bring all your communication to life, whilst still being professional and still talking about very dry and serious topics.



Comedy At Work …. Helping you stand out


We taken some parts of our usual one day workshop online and devised  a 90 minute workshop – along with the rest of the world …….


      We look at how you can craft any type of presentation into a story, using emotion and personality to bring the key messages and facts to life.

   We will share with you techniques for controlling the nerves and connecting with your audience so you deliver your communications with confidence.

         And yes, we will talk about how to inject humour into your presentation to bring it to life.



This course is delivered in an interactive way in a group coaching webinar/online training event. 

You will also get access to all the course materials

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