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Comedy at your Conference

Delight your delegates

How can comedy 'punch up' your conference?

How can you raise the value for both your delegates and sponsors?

Your sponsors have paid to share their message, but they've sent an inexperienced speaker who loses the room. 

Long, boring speeches impact on how the delegates feel at your conference.

Networking opportunities are missed when delegates stay with the people they already know. 

Help your speakers engage and delight the audience.

Your sponsors have spent thousands on a speaking slot - they want to share their message

You want them to get so much new business that they don't think twice about booking again next year

And you want your delegates to go away feeling excited and energised about the value they got at your conference.

But not all your speakers know how to captivate, delight and engage their audience   


For inexperienced speakers we can help them get confident at both crafting an engaging speech and delivering with impact.

For experienced confident speakers we can help them take their speech to the next level using performance skills from the world of stand Up comedy and of course, adding humour. 

Comedy Networking
Helping delegates connect

Networking comes really easily to some people but for others it can be difficult. 

Comedy Networking provides a light touch structure where strangers can come together and make those introductions in a creative, fun way.

Laughter helps people connect very quickly.  When you laugh with someone you've shared a moment, good hormones are released.  A connection has been made. 

A Comedian at the conference

A quick and easy way to inject humour into your conference, is to hire a comedian.  

You can add comedy in lots of different ways including:  

Compere your whole event

Compere your awards ceremony

Host a Comedy Club night as part of the evening entertainment

Add a Comedy Wellbeing workshop to the agenda


Laughter boosts productivity - thats not just comedians claiming this fact - a study at the University of Warwick found that productivity improved by 12% after participants had a laugh.  Other studies shows laughter increases problem solving ability by up to 20% and can even lead to flashes of inspiration. 

When delegates are listening and learning for long periods, breaking up the day by switching into a creative state of mind can really help people feel refreshed and refocus.

It was a huge success and the feedback from the team has been nothing but positive! The games & exercises worked really well and we were particularly pleased to see some of the 'quieter' members of the group getting fully involved by the end of the session.


Regional Vice President, Platform Sales at Salesforce

My team thought the comedy was the best part of our two day workshop, Many thanks.


Head of ETCS Project Delivery, Siemens

Thanks for organising our event yesterday, it was a great success and feedback I have had from all, including our CEO, has been fantastic.


Director of Business Development, Wincanton

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