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Engage your audience

Public Speaking

Does a fear of public speaking stop your team getting results?

Does your team shy away from taking every opportunity to promote and share your companies products, services and ideas?

Do you spend thousands on conference speaking slots only to fail to sell to all those potential customers in the audience?

Do your leaders struggle to engage and inspire their colleagues?  How does that impact on morale and productivity?

How do you feel when you have to speak in public?

Do you feel nervous before getting on stage?

Are there times when you see your audience losing interest?

Do you move people to connect with you after your speech?

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Would you like to delight and engage your audience?

A good stand up comedian can keep you engaged and listening for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 mins and more - no slides, just a microphone. 

During this time the comedian is using a whole range of skills to keep you engaged and laughing. 

The good news is, you can learn and use these skills.  And it doesn't matter where you are starting. 

We can coach you from 'complete terror' to 'loving every minute on stage'. 

If you are already a confident speaker we can show you performance skills that will delight and further engage your audience. 

And of course, we can show you how to add humour.

“Anne and Mark where great coaches for me and helped me preparing for a presentation. If you are looking for a partner to help with preparing a talk or public speaking, I’d recommend them both. I valued their ability to give practical advice and techniques on working with an audience, having a partner to shape how to deliver new content and to practice the presentation with. They were good fun too, which made the whole experience more enjoyable and helped put me in the right frame of mind.”

James Baker, Head of HR, Overseas, Jaguar Land Rover

"I managed with minimal pauses and managed good audience engagement throughout.  Timing was spot on. The summary comment for day was “you smashed it”.


Leader, Jaguar Landrover

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