Want to learn the secrets a Stand Up Comedian uses to engage and hold the audiences attention?
Would you like to go into your presentation knowing your audience will walk away feeling energized and enthusiastic about your message?
How would it feel to know that people think of you as a great presenter and speaker?
Would you like to be able to manage your nerves so well that you never turn down an opportunity to speak again?

To become a great Stand UP Comedian, you have to keep your audience engaged and listening from start to finish.  Afterall if a comedian fails, they die on stage – contrast this to a business presentation – if its going badly it the audience that slowly looses the will to live.  

Imagine if you could discover how to craft your message so it holds the listeners attention from start to finish.

One of the most difficult aspects of being a comedian is to overcome the nerves, after all its scary standing up to speak. Imagine though if you could turn those nerves into excitement and the enthusiasm of sharing your story. Would you be interested in learning how to do this?



During this one day workshop we will:

  • We look at how you can craft your business presentation into a story, using emotion and personality to bring the key messages and facts to life.

  • We will share with you techniques for controlling the nerves and being as relaxed as possible to ensure that you deliver the presentation with confidence.

  • And yes, we will give talk about how to inject humour into your presentation to bring it to life.

Who is this workshop for?

If you need to present at work, then investing in learning how to excel at delivering a presentation will make you stand out.  If you run your own business, then every opportunity to speak, is an opportunity for you to showcase yourself, your business and your products and services. 

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Weds 01/04/20     Stratford -u- Avon

Weds 08/04/20     Cheltenham

Weds 15/04/20.    Bath

Weds 22/04/20.    St Albans

Weds 29/04/20.    Swansea

Thurs 30/04/20     Solihull

Weds 06/05/20.     Chester

Weds 13/05/20.     Oxford

Thur 14/05/20.     Salisbury 



Weds 03/06/20.      Harpenden

Thurs 04/06/20.     Warwick

Weds 10/06/20.     Harrogate

Weds 17/06/20.     Marlow

Thurs 18/06/20.    Winchester




Weds 08/07/20.     Wilmslow




Thurs 09/07/20.    York 

Weds 15/07/20      Milton Keynes

Anne Docherty

Anne has spent many years in the corporate world, running training courses, team meetings, speaking at conferences.  Last year she left the corporate world to become a Stand Up Comedian.  After using comedy in conferences speeches, she has a rare insight into how to combine the two worlds to deliver an impactful speech or story. 

Mark Hinds

As a Stand UP Comedian and Compere Mark is used to engaging with audiences. Mark can share his experience of entering the world of business, overcoming the initial fear of ‘business networking’ and how he has used comedy to create interest and awareness of his own business.