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Jean Houston

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities"

Laughter as a Tool for Boosting Creativity & Innovation

Lightbulb for ideas
Laughter leads to flashes of inspiration

Research shows that laughter can lead to an increase problem solving ability by 20%. This laughter linked lack of focus appears to allow our minds to juggle and connect concepts in a way that rigid concentration does not.  

John Kounios, Drexel University & Mark Beeman, Northwestern University

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Laughter puts us into a state of relaxation and safety

If a group is laughing together, then it suggests that our protective guard is down. This matters because there's research to suggest that when our brains are relaxed, we more easily achieve free idea association, which can lead to creativity.

Sophie Scott, UCL 

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Laughter reduces stress

A positive working environment is more creative than a stressful one. Stress is the enemy of inventiveness.  Prof. Teresa Amabile, Harvard

How can we help your team boost creativity & innovation?

Creativity Workshops

The aim of our workshops is to get the team to move from the analytical part of their brain and shift into a creative state.

Its interesting to witness this happening to your colleagues.  Often you can observe the moment when the switch occurs.

Using a unique combination of creative exercises, comedy improv and of course laughter,  our workshops are carefully designed to get your team into a hyper creative state, not just contributing their own ideas, but learning how to build on each others ideas.

The Benefits

The team will experienence how it feels to be in a truly creative state, both on a personal level and in a team situation.

Creativity Facilitators

Getting into this creative state requires team members to feel very safe.  It is really easy to get this wrong and when you do can be very damaging to the creative process.

Its also very difficult to capture ideas when you are in a creative state.  Using a facilitator is critical to ensure the capture of ideas without bringing participants out of their creative state of mind.


We can train your team on how to facilitate creative sessions to ensure that participants feel safe, not judged and that their ideas are important.

The Benefits

Gives you the ability to tap into the collective creativity of your workforce. Would that give your company a competitive advantage?

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