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"The employer generally gets the employees he deserves"

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Employee Engagement

A workforce of highly engaged people is crucial to business success, as it increases productivity by 17% and reduces absenteeism by 41%. (Gallop Report)

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Leaders who can communicate in a way people get excited to listen

Only 13% of employees strongly agree that the leadership of their organization communicates effectively with the rest of the organization (Gallup Report).


How are you leadership communications going ?  Do your Leadership videos go viral?  Does everyone tune in to hear the latest news?  Or do they turn their camera off and take the dog for a walk?

Comedy at work can teach your leaders how to create communications that get people's attention & keep them listening.

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Leaders who can make people feel part of something amazing

15% of employees strongly agree that the leadership of their organization makes them enthusiastic about the future (Gallup Report)


Being authentic, likeable, building rapport across the organisation.  Using emotion to connect to people and to the vision, the future.  Speakers only really move people when they are moved themselves.

How do we share these skills with your leaders?

The Engaging Leader - Workshops

As a leader or manager, you transfer emotion to your people – either consciously or unconsciously.

If you have leaders in the business that are excited and happy, guess how the team feel?  If you have leaders who are fed up, unsure, imagine how that negativity spreads.


Transfer of Emotion:

leaders experience how they can use emotion in the way the communicate and how it feels to be on the receiving end of different emotions.


Creating Rapport & Trust:

Comedians use a whole range of techniques to engage with their audience and quickly build rapport.  These same techniques can be used in all different scenarios to make people feel important and part of a shared experience.


Being Authentic:

Using humour.  To be funny and create genuine laughter, you have to be open and vulnerable.  This ability to reveal something about yourself,  shows you are sharing your human side as well as your professional persona.  Your leaders will experience lots of ways that they can inject humour into their every day interactions, team meetings and even company wide briefings.



How to use stories to transform a boring corporate message into something exciting, interesting and even inspiring.


This is not a paper & pen training course.  This is experiential learning.  Your leaders will learn through doing and experiencing:

how it feels to communicate with emotion & the responses it evokes

how to get relaxed enough to show others their authenticity and funny side

how to transform a message using storytelling

how to build rapport & trust using performance techniques and humour

The Engaging Leader - One to One & Group Coaching

Comedians film themselves every single time they go on stage.  For most people, it takes time to feel comfortable watching yourself.  Our comedians can help leaders either by watching for them and showing them the opportunities they have to further enhance how enagaging they are or coaching in the areas the leader has identified.

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