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With Comedy

Would you like to improve the engagement in your business?

Would you like all your employees to feel more excited about coming to work?

How Does Comedy Help With Engagement?

A comedian must engage their audience. If they don’t then you are going to fail.  You can’t make your audience laugh if they aren’t listening to you and don’t care what you have to say.  

In theory it should be easier for a comedian, after all everyone has come out to enjoy a laugh – and yet it’s not – people get bored easily, people find it hard to concentrate and it’s difficult to get people to care.  

And that’s in a comedy club, imagine how engaged people really are in all those business meetings, that go on all day long!

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Personally, Think About The Meetings You Attend

Have you ever found your mind wandering to that email you must send, the presentation next week, or being on the beach sipping a cocktail?


The exciting thing is we can teach your ‘chief holders of meetings’ some tools from the world of comedy to make things more interesting.  Once you create interested, engagement follows.  


From re-naming the meeting – starting with the name on the email invitation. Would you rather go to the:

Weekly Team Meeting or  …………….

Sales War Room or …….  

Passion at Work

If the ‘chief meeting holder’ is bored by their own meeting, you have no hope.  The first step is to teach the ‘chief meeting holder’ to get excited about their own meetings, even the ones they don’t really like. 

We are not talking, faking interest.  Fake interest and fake passion is very easy to spot!


We have ways of making the meeting more interesting to yourself.  As a comedian, I have learnt if I aim to amuse myself, then even if the audience don’t find me funny, they are still engaged because it’s fascinating to see someone enjoy themselves, and they listen more as they are curious to find out what is causing that enjoyment.

And for serious conversations were humour is not appropriate,  passion, storytelling and a whole range of other approaches have the same effect. 


Other Emotion, (this isn’t about crying)

It’s not just about passion, there are lots of other emotions that will enhance your message.  In the corporate world in particular, emotion is often suppressed to ‘look professional’.  We are not suggesting you break down into floods of tears, but using emotion can have a massive impact.  After all we are people first, professionals second. 

Being Specific

A very good tool for getting engagement and making things funny.  For example, setting your meeting time for 10:27- 11:07  will improve the likelihood people will remember the meeting is happening and be on time.  Why, because its different to the norm and it is ridiculously specific. 

Using Joke Structures to Communicate a Message

We can introduce you to lots of different joke structures, an even if they don’t get a laugh, will make what you are saying more memorable and impactful. It’s a low risk way to practise adding humour. 


But, Why Bother?  This is About Business,

Not Coming to Work to Have Fun.

It’s unlikely that all your leaders will become comedians overnight and leave to perform on ‘Live at the Apollo’.  


It’s about a leader using the tools to create a bond with their team, in order to make them more productive. 


It’s also about creating belonging, by team meetings becoming more funny and engaging, they feel like part of something. This creates a feeling of being connected and more likely to see themselves as wanting to belong to that team and make sure they deliver to ensure the success of the whole team. 


People are naturally attracted to people that make them laugh. And making someone else laugh increases how good your feel about yourself.  This helps working relationships and team dynamics as well as the mental and physical wellbeing of each member of the team.  

Sounds Great, But How?

We can deliver this experience in a number of ways. 


  • Workshops – were we introduce you to the tools and techniques

  • Teambuilding – where you experience the tools and techniques – use them, experiment, get creative 

  • Workshops – where we work with your teams to apply the techniques 

  • Coaching – Personal feedback and coaching support – idea generation

What Next?


We can deliver this as a one off event or through a series of on-going training events, teambuilding days and coaching. 


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