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Stand Up Comedy Nights

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the night?

The compere will introduce the evening – explain what is happening and then there will be a series of comedians – some doing 10 minutes, some doing 15 or 20 minutes. 

The audience are sat in rows, like in a theatre and the lights are dimmed.  There will be a licensed bar to get drinks before the performance and there will be one and sometimes two intervals to refresh your drinks and take a break ---- between laughing your little cotton socks off !

Who will be performing?  

The comedians are all seasoned comedians from the ‘comedy circuit’.  Some may still be in their first year of performing a couple of times a week but most are very experienced comedians who have been practicing in Comedy Clubs for years.  Many have their own shows which they perform at the Edinburgh Festival and other comedy festivals around the country. 

We work with a whole range of comedians and we aim never to have exactly the same set of comedians performing twice. If, like some of our guests, you get the bug and want to come to more than one of our nights then you will see different acts on each time ---- some, if not all of our magnificent comedians will soon be on the telly and you can say you seen them first ! 


Will I get picked on by the compere/comedians?

The compere's job is to work with the audience to get everyone in the mood for comedy.  Our comperes are used to talking to the audience – they can usually tell from body language who is happy to talk to them and who would rather not – and they can definitely pick up very quickly if someone is uncomfortable once they are speaking to them – they usually move on quickly and gracefully.  It is the intention to make sure everyone has the best night possible and not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. The comedians will sometimes want to interact with audience members in a funny manner, they would not do anything to alienate an audience member as they want you, the crowd, on their side.-------- in fact you, yes YOU !! ---our audience, are actually the most important part of the night, we love you!!!


Will it be rude?  Will there be a lot of swearing?

We have had lots of feedback about this being a fear and we understand that some of our audiences may find this uncomfortable, so we do our best to choose acts that do not rely on swear words or shock value to get their laughs. 

However, this is comedy and yes there will be some adult topics and there will be some swearing.  The good news is because of the format of these nights, even if you really don’t like one of them, then there will be at least 5 different comedians on each night, meaning that any one comedian is not on for that long.--- like buses, eventually, the one you want will come along .

Will I be Offended?

You might be, what offends one person doesn't offend the next one. Comedy is subjective and rightly so.

 We at Comedy at Work always invite a wide  variety of acts to perform at our events just to make sure

that there's something for everyone. If you are really worried about being offended then watch the short

video of one of our favourite comics explaining it much better and funnier than we ever could .

Why is it more expensive to buy a ticket on the door?

We make it more expensive on the door, only to encourage people to book in advance.  We have a different charity ‘running the bar’ at our events – knowing how many people to expect on the night massively helps the charity estimate how much beer, wine to buy – afterall we really don’t want the bar to run dry! --- no one and we mean no one, wants that !!!!

What if I have more questions?

Then hit the contact us button below and send us any questions you may have, we love talking to people and understanding their queries, it helps us ensure that, they and all of our future guests have a magnificent evening and enjoy what is the wonderful art of Stand Up Comedy. ---- it's what we love and we know you will to.