Comedy At Work ….  Helping you to Stand Out and Get the Job



As a graduate heading out into the world, now more than ever, you will need to stand out.  Every graduate is unique, you have a unique set of experiences, skills, failures and achievements.  So how do you present your uniqueness to the world in a way that makes you stand out?


We can share with you the techniques that Stand Up Comedians use to grab attention and keep attention.  We can show you how to present your experiences, even the mistakes and disappointments, in a way that will make sure your application gets noticed.  


As a comedian, being funny is only part of the job.  You can’t make your audience laugh if they aren’t listening to you. This is exactly the same when applying for a job. 

How likely is it that you will get the job if your application doesn’t stand out enough for the employer to even read it?


So if you are applying for a graduate scheme, internship, part time or holiday work, this workshop will give you lots of ideas on how to present yourself so that you stand out.  We guarantee this investment will not be wasted.


Comedy At Work …. Helping you Manage your Nerves


Standing on a stage, by yourself, everyone looking at you expecting you to make them laugh, can be incredibly scary.  Comedians use a series of different methods to manage their nerves, so they can perform well.  We share these with you.  Being nervous in an interview or during a conversation with a potential employer, stops them seeing you at your absolute best.  


Comedy At Work …. Helping you Manage Rejection


You are going to get rejected.  If you aren’t getting turned down, then you are not applying for enough positions.  Every single comedian you see on TV or in  a comedy club has had times when nobody laughed at their jokes.  It happens a lot, way more that you think.  


Imagine coming off stage, feeling embarrassed and like a complete failure. We share with you ways to get past this very quickly. This helps a lot when applying for jobs.  If you get a no, or even no response, we talk about how to keep going and not let this knock your confidence. 


In this 90 minute workshop, we share techniques on:

  •  How to present your unique self in a way that Stands Out

  •  How to present your mistakes and failures in a positive way

  •  How to overcome nerves to show your best self

  •  How to overcome and thrive with rejection


Yes this is a challenging time, so now more than ever it is so important to stand out and shine.

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