Quickly Create A


Quickly Create a CV

that catches the recruiters eye and gets YOU the interview

( without feeling like its hard work )
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Are you thinking your CV is just another thing you have to get done?

Then you are in for a treat.  You are about to uncover the best story of all. The story of YOU. 

What is a CV...?

A CV is like the movie trailer of YOU. 

It is a summary of your story and if you design it well, it entices the viewer to want to know more. 

Think of that last time you were online or watching TV and something really got your attention. 

How did it draw you in?  Why did you stop what you were doing to find out more?

Imagine if you could do the same with your CV, crafting it so that someone stops to read it and find out more about you. 

Where to Start?

You can't craft a compelling movie trailer, until you have crafted the full story.


Our workshops are designed to help you discover all the things that are interesting and exciting about you. 

Together we look at the challenges you have faced, your achievements, your skills, your interests,  your unique story.   We then show you how to take these stories and map them to what the recruiter is looking for. 

This workshop is all about you, it's about seeing how others react to your story.  It's about viewing your own story from the perspective of others.

We don't always realise how interesting we really are - what might seem normal and everyday to you,  other people want to hear. 

Then we apply the comedy

No, not the funny bit.  We show you how to edit your stories so that they are punchy, getting to the point quickly.  

You take the elements of your story and 'punch them up'.   You don't want to reveal the whole story but you do want to reveal enough to get to the next stage. 

We will share a range of techniques comedians use to grab attention and keep attention, which can be applied when putting your CV together.

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Wouldn't it be quicker just to write the CV for me?
Study Group

This workshop is more than just 'getting your CV done'

This workshop is about you knowing your own story, loving your own story and owning it. 

The examples you craft in the workshop can be used in the interview process as well as the application process. 

It gives you the skills to keep updating your CV by yourself,  as your career progresses. And tailor it to every job you apply for.

The workshop is about you feeling confident every time you apply for a job and every time you go to an interview. 

What happens at the workshop?

Brace yourself, you are in for a treat ....

The workshop is going to be a lot of fun.  

Bring your CV,  if you don't have one yet, don't worry.
Bring notepads, pens and even your laptop (if you have one). 

Be prepared to spend a lot of time thinking and talking about yourself. 
Be prepared to listen to others and help them craft their story.  Hearing another persons story helps you craft your own. 

This is not an ordinary boring lecture or training course.  This workshop is about doing, discovering the techniques and then applying them, there and then. 

You will also hear from recruiters from some of the UK's biggest companies.  We have a series of interviews to share with you, where they share details of what they are looking for and what stands out for them.


Hear what our customers have to say.

Why Invest your time and money in this workshop?

You really can't under estimate the value of confidence in yourself.  Confidence in your own story, confidence in how to present yourself.  

You've put the time in at school, college and university. 

Don't waste all that hard work, time and money, at the final step by not being able to communicate the value you can offer to the very people who are looking for it. 

Plus, we teach these very same skills to executives, so once you have the job, these skills will help you keep progressing your career.

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So what's included?
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Your ticket to the Stand Out Half Day Workshop

Workbook to help you create your story

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Copy of research report looking at 100 UK graduate schemes and the qualities they look for

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Chance to see interviews with Graduate Recruitment Leaders at some of the UKs biggest recruiters.

Sunday 15th August
11.00 - 16.00
Sunday 5th September
11.00 - 16.00
Sunday 12th September
11.00 - 16.00
Warwickspace, 71 Coten End, Warwick, CV34 4NU
Sunday 10th October
11.00 - 16.00