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You’ve been to university and you now ready to build your career?

Are you eager to get started building your career?


Do you want to hear a YES ?

So, whats happening, why haven’t you got that graudate job yet?

Why aren’t you already on your way, learning, crafting you career?

Why aren’t you earning some decent money yet?

When you watch this video to the end, you are going to discover ….



What this video and we will show you how to make sure everytime you fill in a job application or send off your CV it gets read and noticied. 


If you follow our formula, you will start to get the phone calls, the chats, they will want to know more about you. 

Hi, my name is Anne and 20 years ago I got onto a grad scheme, but more by chance because I was doing everything wrong. 

I put my head in my hands and cried.  There it was, another rejection letter on my doormat (yes this was before they said NO THANK  YOU via email). 

All my friends were excitedly talking about their new jobs, finding places to live and I was facing the prospect of moving back to my parents house. 

I had started months ago, at first cherry picking which companies I would most like to work for, putting hours of effort into each application.  Over the months all I heard was NO.  It had gotten to the stage I was applying for every graduate program I heard about – and still they said NO. 

I thought I would be an absolute catch for these companies.  So all these no’s, my self confidence was taking a battering.  I just couldn’t work out why I couldn’t even make it to interview. 

It wasn’t until 20 years later, like being hit by a thunder bolt, I realsied why I had been so unsuccessful.  And the thunder bolt came about in the most unlikely way.  I took a Stand Up Comedy course at the weekends.  If any of you have watched Stand Up Comedy, getting the audience to laugh is only part of skills you have to learn to be good on stage.  By learning how to do Stand Up, I had to learn how to grab the attentions audience and keep them listenting to me – in order to have a chance at ,making them laugh.  


Have you ever watched a rubbish comedian – who takes too long to get to the point?  Or mumbles into the mircrophone, or starts with something really boring, so you are alreading thinking – this one is going to be crap!


The skills I was learning here, turned my life at work around. And made me realsie why I had been so unsuccesfful at applying for my first graduate job. 

So if these skills are so useful, why aren’t we taguth this at School or University?  This isn’t your fault, we just don’t get taught how to see the absolute wonder in ourselves and how to then share and present this to others. 

Its just not a skill I was taught.  

But you have a chance to learn all this.  You will start to feel differently and see results straight away.  Once you learn this stuff, you can’t unlearn it. It will change the way you craft every job application, every CV and once you have the job you want.

Learning these skills early on in your career will help so much.  These are the very same skills we are coaching executives on.  Same skill set, different content.  Think about it, a CV is just a sales pitch to get someone else to hire you – to pay you, to do a job for them.  This same skill set is needed in every area of work – selling your products, your ideas, your solutions. 

So – we have brought together all the lessons for comedy and getting attention on stage and applied them to your CV and application.  From attention grabbing titles to using editing skills to really punch up (and get to the point). 

It’s taken me the last 3 years to work out what skills a comedian is acutally using on stage – there isn’t a guide book on how to be a good comedian!   I have studied and practiced and failed a lot!  Once I master one skill, I realise there is another I need. 

I have taken all of these skills and applied them, in this course, on how you can use the very same skills on your CV. 

We show you how to take your experineces and craft them into stories.  Once you have these stories you can then create a customised CV for every position you apply for quickly and easily by selecting the stories that match what they are looking for. 

Creating stories about you, your own life, is so much easier that sitting down to ‘write an application form’.  The most unexpected feedback we’ve had from our clients is that writing their CV is now much faster and more enjoyable than it was before. 

Four benefits

OFFER & Bonuses

Show you how to create the story of you. 

How to work out what they are looking for and how to ensure you application gives them what they are looking for. 

How to believe in yourself – afterall its hard to communicate how great you are, if youdon’t think it yourself.

How to craft these stories so they get ot the point and communicate just how you have the right attributes for their company. 

How much is this worth

If all of this, helps you get you started on the career of your dreasm, would it be woth it?

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But you must act now, the sooner you apply these techniques to your applications, the sooner you will be in the game. 


Don’t miss anymore opportunities – graduate schemes etc

Just imagine what life will be like when …..


You can start your new job,

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