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Life is better with laughter

For Young People
For Event Organisers

Adding Laughter to my event

Not only does laughter break the ice and bring people together, it keeps people talking about your event for weeks, months and even years.  What a great way to make sure people are queuing up to come to the next one. 

“This was by far the best away day I have ever been too” & “I had so much fun at the conference it felt like a day out”.  


Have you thought about adding laughter to your next event?

"What a great way

to start our whole

company Wellbeing 


Marketing Manager

Lodders Solicitors LLC

Angela H.

Adding Laughter to your Event

Hire a Comedian
Comedy Teambuilding
Comedy Coffee Breaks

Get your guests laughing and enjoying themselves with a healthy dose of comedy.  

Comedy Coffee breaks is a gentle, funny way to break the ice. Great for those who don't find talking to strangers easy. 

Sharing a really good laugh with your team is not only a lot of fun, it builds stronger connections for the future. 

Things to think about when adding comedy

Adding comedy to your event.
5 things to think about to make sure it goes with a laugh.
It's not as scary as you think!
Be your own whacky, true self!

Comedy for Young People

Do you work with young people?

Would they benefit from being able to express themselves in a different way?

Would they benefit from a boost in confidence?

Find out more about how comedy can help our young people.

You're in funny company

What our clients say

I only heard positive feedback.  The comedians were excellent, the activities and banter was great, participants came back to the workplace in a great mood.  I would 100% recommend this event.

Ashleigh, General Manager, Emerson

My team thought the comedy was the best part of our two day workshop, Many thanks.

Head of ETCS Project Delivery, Siemens

It was a huge success and the feedback from the team has been nothing but positive.  The games & exercises worked really well and we were particularly pleased to see some of the 'quieter' members of the group getting fully involved by the end of the session. Regional Vice President, Platform

Sales at Salesforce

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