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Through Comedy

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Are you looking for ways to develop the leaders and future leaders in your organisation? 

Learning how to do Stand Up Comedy will develop confidence, resilience and an ability to face and conquer fear.

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Creating Confident, Courageous Leaders 

Having a go at Stand Up comedy can be a very scary prospect.  Standing on a stage and making people laugh, for most people, takes a massive amount of personal courage and  development.
And yet facing and conquering fear gives us an incredible confidence boost.  It gives you that sense of ‘if I can do that, I can do anything’.  
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Creating Resilient Leaders

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Standing in front of an audience trying and failing to make them laugh is tough. 
Developing the skills to deal with situation makes you more confident and more resilient. 

Being able to keep yourself calm and re-engage your audience is a fantastic skill for any leader to master. 

Couple that with the mental resilience that you develop, by being able to 'let it go' and not affect you confidence next time, makes your leaders more resilient in coping with stress and difficult situations.  

How does it work?

We have teamed up with one of comedy’s oldest (he won’t mind me saying that, he is fairly old)  and most experienced comedians to guide your leaders through a process from blank page to performing for the first time in a comedy club.  

Your leaders will be learning:

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Creative techniques for crafting a 5 minute set

Joke Structure and Word Economy

Discovering your own comedy persona

Stage Presence

Controlling nerves and learning to love being on stage

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What happens on the course?

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This course is based over a minimum of 6 half day sessions (ideally weekly), plus the chance to perform in a Comedy Club at the end of the course.  In an ideal world, we would craft this material into a 3 day course, it would definitely make scheduling and delivery easier! 

And yet, to really learn the techniques, have time to craft material and prepare for five minutes on stage, time is needed, time for the writing and performance techniques to be understood, developed and applied.
Time to use the mental techniques for controlling fear so that your candidates totally get them, know how to use them and will use them for the rest of their career.


What Next ?

Give us a call, comedians love to chat and we can answer all your questions. 

Call Anne on 07723 711809 or fill in the form below and we will give you a call. 

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Other ways of using comedy in the workplace


Inject some laughter into your workplace. Laughter is a fabulous way to ease stress and tension and improve wellbeing.

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Imagine being able to speak with complete confidence, grab attention, craft a story, use your voice and body to engage your audience and know to put humour into your speech.

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Laughter is such a great way to bring people together.  It helps create and strengthen bonds.