Quickly Inject Laughter into the Workplace with a 

Live Comedy Event

Laughter makes people feel good, reduces tension and stress......
When people laugh together it creates a shared experience and a stronger bond. 
A stronger connection between colleagues plus a reduction in stress and tension, would this help your teams perform better?

Why Invest In Live Comedy 
At Work ?

Live Comedy is a Quick Way to Inject Laughter into the Working Week 
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Reduce Stress and Tension through Laughter
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Strengthen Bonds between Colleagues
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Bring people together through a shared experience in the workplace
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Improve Wellbeing at work

How Can We Deliver Live Comedy to You ?

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At a Venue or Workplace of your choice
As an online Virtual Event
As a Hybrid between Live and Virtual
As a One Off Event or as a Regular Injection of Laughter into the Work Calendar 

We make it easy for you

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Arrange A 'Line Up' Of Comedians To Match Your Requirements
Host Your Event using a Professional Compere
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Provide And Set Up All Sound And Lighting Equipment
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Provide Email, Social Media Posts And Posters To Promote Your Event To Staff

Why Work With Us?

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Comedy at Work is run by comedians who are passionate about comedy and making people laugh
We work with over 100 comedians from the UK comedy circuit
We get to know all the comedians we work with, their style and their material
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We know how to craft a ‘line up’ for each event so we get a range of different styles .. something to suit everybody
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We understand that some people may get nervous about the comedians talking to them – especially in a work setting.  A combination of room set up and working with comedians that can read how the audience is responding, helps us makes sure everyone feels comfortable and has a great time. 

Hear what our clients and guests have to say about Our Events


Gary Wicker

Networkfour Project Director

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you to everyone for the amazing comedy evening last night.

Everyone at Networkfour felt the whole evening was a fabulous success and we continue to receive wonderful feedback.

So once again thank you form the bottom of my heart for all your time, support and bringing much needed laughter to us all, blasting away those lockdown blues. 

Thank you


Angela Howard

Head of Events

 “Hiya, just wanted to say thanks for putting on the comedy night. It was brilliant, like having a comedy club in the lounge but without the risk of being picked out in the front row 

 Thank you so much for such a fantastic evening and all your hard work Mark and Anne.

 It was absolutely brilliant!


Heather Clatworthy

Senior Executive
The British Horse Society

‘Oh my, ****what an evening****. I wasn't sure what to expect of a live online comedy gig but that was just superb. Three diverse but utterly hilarious comedy professionals absolutely making my night in the comfort of my own living room. What a fun way to support an incredibly important cause making such a difference to vulnerable peoples lives.


Can't wait for the next time! 


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the costs involved?
We have standard pricing for our events, however if this doesn't match your budget we can work with your budget to find a way to customise an event for you. 


What happens if it goes wrong?
We plan and set up our events to minimise risk and give ourselves as many options as possible to recover if something does go wrong. We always bring spare equipment, we plan our lineups in such a way that if a comedian gets delayed or doesn't make it, we can rework the line up so it won't impact your evening. 


Why do you use multiple comedians ?
We want to make sure that everyone has a great night.  Different things make different people laugh and by having a variety of different comedians performing we can maximise the likelihood of everyone having a good night.  
The change in style and variety keeps the audience interested and engaged and the energy in the room high. 
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Other ways of using comedy in the workplace.

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Laughter is such a great way to bring people together.  It helps create and strengthen bonds.

Speaker at Business Meeting in the conference hall..jpg

Trying out Stand Up comedy will give your leaders a real competitive advantage. It's more than just communicating with impact, it will help them develop courage, resilience and an inner confidence. 

young attractive and confident black African American business woman with headset speaking

Imagine being able to speak with complete confidence, grab attention, craft a story, use your voice and body to engage your audience and know to put humour into your speech.