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"Marketing is a contest for people's attention"

Seth Godin

6 Seconds to get their attention!

boxing glove, punch

Marketing is about getting to the point quickly.

Comedy is all about the punch line.

loudspeaker, bull horn

Marketing is about getting attention

Comedians know how to get attention

laughing face, eyes and mouth

Marketing is about creating an emotional response.

Comedians tap into emotion to get you to laugh.

Give your marketing team an edge
using comedy techniques

Workshops for Marketing Teams

Get laughing - Our comedians will get your marketing team laughing.  Research shows that laughter leads to flashes of inspiration.  Couple that with being in a happy state and present - it's hard to think about that 'to-do' list when you are howling with laughter.


Get creative -  Your team will be led through a series of creativity activities to get them out of the analytical brain and into a truly creative state.


Tap into group creativity - Once all or most of the team are in a creative state, we get them creating together.  These exercises are focused on the principe of Yes, And.  - designed to create together rather than individually.


Punch Up your stories - We share techniques which comedians use to get to the point in as few seconds as possible.


Use emotion -  Play with your stories through different emotional perspectives to see which one is the most powerful.


Use humour - Your team will learn how easy it is to be funny. By being in a relaxed, creative state, the funny just flows.

Facilitator Training  for Marketing Teams

Once your team have experienced these tools and techniques, we can train your team to facilitate these creative sessions for themselves.  Having a facilitator is critical.  As soon as you have to start writing down ideas (even on post it notes) your brain switches back out of that peak creative state.  The facilitator is there to capture ideas.


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