Comedy At Work …. Helping you to Stand Out and Get the job


Have you recently been made redundant?  Or is it just time for a new challenge?


Regardless of why you are looking for a new role or job, the competition is definitely strong.  That’s why, more than ever, you need to present your own unique experience, skills, failures and achievements so you Grab and keep the attention of future employers. 


Comedy At Work… Helping you Grab Attention


As Stand Up Comedians, we use our own personal story and opinions to engage with an audience.  In this workshop we share with you some of the techniques we use to do this.  For a comedian, being funny is only part of the job.  It is very difficult to make the audience laugh if they aren’t listening.  We share with you a range of techniques you can use to grab attention and keep attention.  Afterall you aren’t going to get the job, if your application letter or form doesn’t keep the employer reading. 


Comedy At Work …. Helping you Be Brave


We also share techniques that comedians use to be brave, overcome nerves and deal with rejection.  Standing on a stage when no one is laughing is an awful experience and it makes the next gig even more nerve racking.  Yet this happens to every comedian, often.  Learning techniques on how to deal with disappointment and rejection will make the job hunt and the return to work so much easier.  You will get rejected, if you don’t, you aren’t applying for enough positions.


Comedy At Work …. Workshop Overview


In this 90 minute workshop, we share techniques on:

  • How to present your unique self in a way that Stands Out

  • How to present your mistakes and disappointments in a positive light.  

  • How to overcome nerves to show your best self

  • How to overcome and thrive with rejection



This 90 minute workshop, I can guarantee will be a great investment.  It will give you lots of ideas on how to Stand Out at a time when there is so much extra competition.

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