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Have you lost your sense of humour?

Updated: Aug 1

When was the last time you had a really good, tears running down your face, holding your sides type laugh? Hopefully you can remember, but if you can’t, does it really matter?

According to a Gallop report, the frequency with which we laugh or smile each day starts to plummet around the age of 23.

Increasing your doses of daily laughter can result in lots of benefits …

People who smile and laugh a lot are more attractive: The smile is way more attractive than the scowl.

More successful at work: Far from being the office clown, research shows that having a good laugh makes you more productive, improves your problem solving ability and can lead to flashes of inspiration. On top of that if you are leader at work, leaders with a sense of humour are seen to be more capable and confident.

Good for your health: Laughter is the best medicine, the old saying is very true. Laughter creates a whole range of chemical changes in the body. It boost the immune system, boosts mood and protects you from the effects of stress. It even gives your body a good work out, don’t give up running just yet though, whilst it works for the heart it not that good at toning those legs!

Life is more fun

Like any other muscle you can build up your sense of humour muscles:

Ways to boost get that sense of humour in shape:

Funny hunting. Look for the funny side of things. It doesn’t mean you have to laugh out loud when someone falls over. But there is often a very funny side to even the darkest of days.

Relax. Laughter happens more naturally when you are relaxed. IF you are watching comedy and getting upset by every swear word or offended about every joke, it may be if you relax more you might find it more funny – (or you need to go and see a better comedian)!

Let yourself laugh. When we are in a serious environment for hours each day, sometimes we bring that seriousness home with us. Give yourself permission to laugh.

Laughter yoga, laughter yoga is amazing. You pretend to laugh until you the real laughter kicks in. It feels a bit strange a first, but once you get used to it, it’s a very powerful way to get all the benefits of a good laugh without waiting for someone to say something funny!

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