Job Hunting like a Stand Up Comedian ……….

Are you writing updating your Linkedin Profile, CV or Resume?

When you are writing it, how excited are you? Or is it just another task to get done?

All the job hunters we have been working with from graduates to executives, all find the these tasks as difficult and yet …….

Surely writing about yourself is the easiest subject in the world.

If you are boring yourself – please stop writing now! If you are boring yourself, how can you ever expect to get anyone else interested?

Rather than writing a job application, imagine you are talking on the radio about your career. The highlights, the things you love to do, the things you hate and why you hate them.

Get in touch with you, your unique story, your unique talents, your achievements, your disappointments and your proudest moments.

When you start writing again, if you love your own story, it’s a lot more likely employers are going to love it to.


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