My CV is NOT a Joke

How could comedy possibly help you creating a CV that gets noticed?

Have you ever listened to someone telling a story and been thinking to yourself – I wish you would just get to the point!

They get lost in irrelevant detail … last Thursday, was it Thursday, it could have been Wednesday, no it was definitely Thursday (I remember now because that’s the day the milk gets delivered and I remember there was milk on the door step), blah blah blah ….

You have already stopped listening.

You don’t want a recruiter to stop reading. You want them to be engaged and desperate to pick up that phone and find out more about you.

Comedy can help you do this.

Write your story out with passion – get excited about the last job you had, what you achieved, what you learnt. If you are bored writing it, imagine how the reader will feel.

Then take out as many extra words as you can. Get to the point as quickly as you can, in a way that your story makes sense and is still passionate and engaging.

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