Our New Team Member Is A Hoot

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Last weekend we visited the Cotswold Falconry Centre. It was a belated birthday gift where I got to handle some magnificent birds of prey.... An eagle, a falcon and a beautiful owl called Kieser. It was awesome. The birds were as light as a feather ( sorry bad pun )

After handling the birds and watching a great demonstration we wandered around the park and looked at all the majestic birds. Now I'm not one who advocates zoos etc but what was interesting was that these birds have a life span of 30 years in captivity where as in the wild its only 3 !!!

All the birds had sponsors who had adopted them with details on the cage.... all except one.... Baby Inca, a newly hatched mottled owl. Now we weren't looking for a new team member or a baby and we certainly weren't looking for an owl ! But, we couldn't resist, so we adopted Inca.

So if and when you visit the centre then say " Hi " to Inca and you'll see that Mark & Anne from Comedy at Work have adopted him/her ( we don't know yet and don't care ).

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