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Could you Laugh your way to Success?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Could laughing more help you achieve your goals in 2023?

As a school girl, I was always laughing. So much that the teachers started to tell me off. I’m assuming that I was wasting good, valuable learning time by messing about.

And yet what is that assumption is wrong. What if those few minutes at the start of every lesson, spent giggling with my friends, was actually making me a better student.

It turns out, it most likely was helping me. Research conducted by the University of Warwick, shows that having a laugh before embarking on a task makes you 12% more productive. Other research shows laughter can improve problem solving capability by up to 20% and laughter can even lead to flashes of inspiration.

What about health goals?

When trying to improve our health, we often think about improving our diet, exercising more. In our modern world we are bombarded with 24 hour news stories giving us a never ending list of things to worry about. That’s on top of our own personal work, family, life challenges. When I ask groups, when was the last time you had a really good laugh, the answer is scary. Most of the group can’t even remember.

Having a good laugh is so good for our mental and physical health. It reduces stress and floods our bodies with feel good hormones. And it’s easy, its free and it can be done anywhere (well almost anywhere – libraries, funerals, exam halls .. I’m sure you can think of a few more inappropriate places – feel free to tell me in the comments). All those health benefits and you don’t even need a pair of running shoes.

And love goals?

All I can say, is that we are all more attractive when we are smiling! When you are seen as a person that laughs a lot and is lots of fun, it definitely gives you an edge in the dating world. And who doesn’t like their partner more when they are light hearted, fun mood rather than being a ‘grump’.

Are you going to be laughing more in 2023. I do hope so. And if you bump into me, let’s have a laugh together.

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