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"Once you get people laughing, they're listening and you can tell them almost anything"

Herbert Gardner

Punch Up Your Public Speaking

There are 2 main elements to public speaking

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What you Say

If you are happy with what you are talking about it makes public speaking much easier.   The more passionate you are about your subject, the more you transfer that emotion to your audience.  

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How you Say It

For comedians, it's all in the delivery.  Comedians use a whole range of techniques to connect with their audience, to get attention and to keep the audience listening.  Even using just 1 or 2 of these techniques will really make you stand out as a presenter.

How can we help ?

Public Speaking Workshops

Our workshops bring together the two key elements:  What you Say & How you say it.

The workshops are not desk based learning, you will be experimenting with different ways of speaking to the group and how it feels as an audience member.  Don't be nervous though, it's all done through fun, creative exercises, you'll be having so much fun you won't think of it as speaking in front of people.

What you say

Starting Strong - you have seconds to make a first impression, how to start strong.

Storytelling - using stories to illustrate points, using stories to bring even dry material to life.

Getting to the point - it takes more work to say something briefly, we share with you fun tools and techniques comedians use to get to the point.

How you say it

Building rapport with the audience

Using emotion - how do you want your audience to feel

How to be yourself on stage - being authentic

Performance techniques that will show the audience you are confident (but not acting/pretending).

Handling questions and interruptions (we call them hecklers!)

Managing your nerves - ways to prepare to keep you calm.

And of course, how to inject some humour

Public Speaking Coaching

One to one coaching, to help you whip your presentation or speech into shape.

Can't wait to get started !

Join us on one of our regular live online courses

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