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Anyone can present like a Stand Up comedian.  

Follow your step by step process to craft and deliver a presentation which will engage, delight & amuse your audience.

Get noticed as an extraordinary speaker!


Banish Boring Presentations

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The day I lost the audience.

10 minutes into a 40 minute presentation, half the audience were on their phone, a couple had got up and left and the rest of the room had that polite glassy eyed gaze (where they are thinking about more exciting things like cleaning the car!)


I was nervous and tired from not sleeping due to worrying about how badly this presentation might go.  And, I was boring myself!!


I felt like I’d blown an opportunity to get noticed by the team I wanted to join.  


And then, for some completely, inexplicable reason......

I decided to learn STAND-UP COMEDY!!

And it got worst.  I failed, over and over again.  Rooms of people just looking at me.  Just waiting, willing me to say something, anything, that would make them laugh!

And then I started to work out how to connect with the audience.  How to tell stories, how to transmit emotion and then at long last, how to make them laugh.


The result of all that toe curling, public failure, is a method!

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A step by step method to becoming a speaker who is:



has stage presence

keeps the audience listening


is funny!!

Imagine how you will feel when....

YOU get so relaxed on stage it feels like play

YOU look forward to speaking as much as going on holiday

YOU are THE speaker the audience remember


YOU get noticed by the key people in your  industry

Crafting your speech

A Step by Step guide to Crafting a speech you can’t wait to get up and deliver.

When you absolutely LOVE something, it's easy to talk about it.  For me it’s talking about swimming in ice cold water !

Imagine your next speech being as easy to remember and talk about as your favourite holiday or pastime.

Performance Skills

A Step by Step guide to the different performance skills you can use to bring your speech to life.

Don't worry, you wont have to dance, sing or juggle!


By playing with how you say things, even the most boring and dry subjects can sound interesting.  Combine this with creating an engaging and interesting story and already you are moving how you speak into a different league.

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Building Rapport

A Step by Step guide to how to connect with your audience, and how to re-engage your audience if you need to

People engage with speakers they like and who feel valued.  This module will show you some really simple techniques to get your audience to 'lean in' and feel like they a part of a shared experience with you the speaker rather than a passive listener.

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"I have done many courses on presenting and speaking over the years - this has taken me by surprise - insightful & thought provoking"

Steve, COO

The next speaker said "I'm not sure how to follow that"

Carrie, Founder & Company Director

“you smashed it”

The feedback from my speech today, I think that says it all!

Senior HR Leader, Jaguar LandRover

Having so many ways to get the students attention back and re-energise a room has made the day job so much easier"

Lecturer, Swansea University

the engagement in my speech today was good, I felt confident with the content and how to work the room"

Chris, Operations Director

"I enjoyed it!  And I never thought I would ever say that"

VP Operations

"this has helped me think through how to become more succinct, keep my messaging clear and create an impact"

Sue, Business Owner

New Modules added and updated monthly
Coming In August : Adding humour, get your audience laughing!!

A step by step guide to start adding humour when you speak.

You tried it, and nobody laughed, and you're stood there knowing your colleagues are definitely going to point it out later! So to get started without the stress of facing public failure, we share some secret ways to have a go & if no one laughs, they will just think you have a clever way of delivering your very serious material !


And when you are brave enough to start really turning up the funny, some ways to elegantly recover when nobody laughs so that fear of it getting left with egg on your face, will just disappear!

167_Comedy at Work_Hartwell_IMG_2049_edited_edited.png
Coming in September : Calm as a comedian !

When you watch a really good comedian,  they are super calm on stage. You very rarely detect nerves.  It’s very difficult to make a room of people laugh if you are shaking like a leaf.


Comedians are masters of finding ways to banish the fear & nerves so they appear cool as a cucumber.  


In this module we will share as many techniques as we can, to give you the best chance of finding the ones that work for you

A module stuffed full of all the techniques you can use to manage that nervous feeling.

Coming in October : Creating confidence

A step by step guide to building confidence in the fantastic person you are already.

This is more than just getting confident about the speech.  A lot of the fear of public speaking is based on who we are, what we know, how we sound, how we look and are we good enough.  


This module is all about you accepting and getting comfortable with yourself exactly the way you are.

PHOTO-2023-07-14-12-06-48 2_edited.jpg
Coming in November : Don't mess it up now!

Simple mistakes to avoid.

There are some simple things that can really undermine all your good work.

They are easy to avoid once you know what to look out for.

060_Comedy at Work_Hartwell_IMG_1841.jpg
Coming in December : The power of Funny Hunting

To create comedy and get others laughing, it is much easier if you laugh a lot yourself.  

In this module we will be looking at how to get your sense of humour in tip top shape (without every entering a gym!).  


The aim is for you to find yourself laughing more often and for longer.


What’s not to love?

Coming in 2024 : Getting funnier

After following all the modules, you should be getting confident & relaxed speaking in public.  And even getting your audience laughing.  What next?


Time to add some more comedy ..


This module is going to following our team as they start from a blank piece of paper through to doing a brand new 5 minute set in a comedy club.  A fly on the wall style documentary to show the creative process in action and all the different ways we use to try and come up with the funny stuff.

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