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Being funny isn't a priority in our business.

Stand Up Comedy is not just about the funny, it's about grabbing attention and keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. 

It's very difficult to make people laugh if they they are day dreaming about putting the bins out! 

When did it last happen to you?  You suddenly realised that you had stopped listening in a meeting or a conference.
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What can a Stand Up Comedian teach my team?

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Stand Up Comedians, to be really good, have to develop a whole range of skills.  When you watch a really good comedian, they are using a whole range of tools and techniques to deliver an engaging funny performance. 

All of these tools and techniques, if you apply them to your public speaking, will make your speech fantastic. 

The good news is that you don’t have to apply them all, to get results – even using one or two of the techniques from the comedians toolkit, you will notice the difference.

Practice and apply them all and you will be amazed.
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How more successful would the leaders and sales teams in your business be if they learnt how to be engaging, funny, got to the point quickly and had the whole room listening to every word?

What will my team learn?

There are two elements to the course.  Looking at "What you Say' and then 'How you Say it'. 
What you Say:

Crafting Content into Stories:  Creative and storytelling techniques to get you thinking about how to make even the driest of subjects more engaging.


Revealing personality:  Everyone is intrigued about the speaker, especially if you are senior in your organisation and we all know people buy from people they like.


Word economy:  How to get to the point as quickly as possible.


Punching it up: How to using comedy techniques and joke structures to keep your audience listening and engaged in your story (and maybe also getting a laugh).

When was the last time you saw a comedian using a script or a slide deck? Comedians craft stories and they own their material.  This helps them in the delivery on stage. 

How you Say it:

Stage presence:  Using your body language as part of your performance on stage.


Being present:  How to get relaxed and ‘in the room’ so your audience feel connected to you.


Start and Finish with Impact:  How you start and end a speech makes a good speech, truly great.


Putting your audience at ease:  ways of handling nerves so the audience isn’t nervous for you.  

Public Speaker
Public Speaker
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What happens on the course?

This is not an ordinary training course.  This is a fun, interactive, immersive day of learning. 

This is about learning through doing and experiencing how these techniques work and how it feels when using them.   

And you are in good hands.  We work with a team of experienced Stand Up Comedians who are used to teaching these technqiues. 

Want to find out more?

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Other ways of using comedy in the workplace.

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Trying out Stand Up comedy will give your leaders a real competitive advantage. It's more than just communicating with impact, it will help them develop courage, resilience and an inner confidence. 

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Laughter is such a great way to bring people together.  It helps create and strengthen bonds.


Inject some laughter into your workplace. Laughter is a fabulous way to ease stress and tension and improve wellbeing.