Increasing Resilience

Through Comedy

In these changing times, with outward threats, constant changes and businesses having to adapt, it takes its toll on how resilient your people feel. 


Change and Transformation relies on your people to make it happen.  You need your people to be able to adapt to change and be able to handle the fear that naturally goes alongside it. 


As a comedian you are constantly facing fear, particularly the fear of failure.  You fail, you fail often and you fail in front of people.  To carry on in comedy, you have to become resilient.  The only way to cope with failing in front of people, without curling up into a ball, is to develop mental models to help you cope with it. 


Using these mental models and then practicing them, resilience grows.  If you keep doing things that scare you, your confidence grows and you realise that feeling like a bit of an idiot now and again is not actually that big of a deal.  It’s a small price to pay for the growing confidence and feeling good about yourself. 


And yet, most people don’t experience public failure on a regular basis because the fear of this stops them pushing themselves, keeps them ‘safe’ and stops them taking that risk.  

  • For your teams, imagine all the amazing ideas that have not been heard, because someone was frightened of looking silly

  • Imagine all the problems you still have, because your people were too scared to have a go at solving them in case it didn't work

  • Imagine all the difficult conversations that haven’t happened because people are so fearful of failing or making the situation worse  

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How does comedy help?

By looking for the funny, you learn to relax and see humour all around you, including being able to laugh at your own mistakes. In fact some of the best jokes are born out of getting something wrong. 

By using the mental exercises to stay calm and manage your fear so it doesn’t stop you, it gives you power back over your own fears and stops limiting your capabilities

By doing something scary, surviving and getting through it, you realise that the fear was much worst than the reality.

By risking failing in front of people, you realise that even if you do, it’s not really the end of the world. 

And that feeling, if you can do something that scary, you can literally do anything.  It makes you braver.


If you help your people become more resilient at the same time as working with your Leaders to Increase Engagement and Looking after Employee Wellbeing your workforce will become a more and more valuable asset to you. 


Sounds Good – But How?

Using comedy and comedy improv, we work with teams to get them to experience the fear and specifically the fear of failure of performing comedy in front of their own colleagues. 

Through team building events we get them being creative and working up to performing something.  

Before we do this, we coach them on the mental models they can use to overcome fear and help them feel more confident on stage. 


We can do this as a one off teambuilding event and it will be a great experience for everyone with lots of take away mental models to help them next time they face a scary situation.

If resilience is absolutely core to your business, we can couple this with a coaching program with regular activities and one to one coaching to help them first identify what they are shying away from and then ideas of how to overcome this. 


What Next?

We can deliver this as a one off event or through a series of on-going training events, teambuilding days and coaching. 


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