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"Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings"


Zig Ziglar

How laughter can help win more Sales

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Building Rapport

Humour boosts feelings of likeability, which naturally increases rapport. There is a mountain of scientific research that has confirmed that people are far more likely to act on a request from someone they like, than a person they do not.

Likewise, prospects will rarely buy from sales people whom they dislike. Likeability means that you enjoy being in a relationship with another person. When prospects do not like being around a sales person, they will interpret the sales person and the sales person’s product or service in a negative light.

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Helps hold the buyers attention

Humour helps break down any initial objections the potential buyer has by creating a positive emotional disposition toward both you and the product or idea. It also holds the buyer’s attention even when s/he may prefer to direct attention elsewhere.

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A happy sales team is a productive sales team

Laughter can be used as a tool to improve team engagement, creativity and wellbeing.  Research shows that productivity increases by 12% after having a good laugh

How we can help

Crafting Stand Out Sales Pitches

What You Say:  The aim of our workshop is to get  your team to move from the analytical part of their brain and shift into a creative state.  Once in this creative state, the team can work together and build on each others ideas to come up with a huge range of creative (and different ways) they can present your solution/service/product or idea.

The team then select an idea and learn how to craft a story that gets to the point.


The Benefits

Learning  a method that can be used to create imaginative, innovate, Stand out Sales Pitches, time after time.

Delivering Stand Out Sales Pitches

How You Say It:  This is for teams that want to enhance how they deliver a pitch.  Your team will experience how to transfer emotion, build rapport, start strong, grab attention and keep that attention.  Although we use performance skills, this is not about acting, this is about each presenter being themselves.  And of course, how to inject humour.  The intention, an authentic, engaging, entertaining delivery.

The Benefits

Learning how to overcome nerves and bring the absolute best version of yourself to every  presentation.

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