Doing a Wedding Speech?

Want to make the happy couple proud and make sure your speech delights the guests?

Want to get the guests crying with laughter?

Would you like to be able to manage your nerves so you can still enjoy the day?

Why not work with a Stand Up Comedian on your wedding speech?

Making people laugh is an amazing feeling and we all have the natural ability to do this. 


This workshop is focused on two main areas.  The first is using the tools and techniques comedians use to make their material funny.  The second is getting you relaxed and confident enough to deliver it in a way that will make the wedding guests laugh with you. 



This course is suitable for anyone making a speech at a wedding (or any other occasion).  We won’t write the speech for you.  In our experience, the best speeches are those that are in your own voice, both because the people who know you feel like they are hearing from you, and secondly because you naturally feel more confident sharing your own views and stories on a situation. 

What we will do is help you either come up with ideas from a blank piece of paper and/or help you refine an idea you already have.

The benefit of this course is that you will learn techniques you can use at work, other occasions and if you fancy doing a bit of stand up comedy, it’s a very good place to start. 



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Upcoming workshops



01/04/20        Stratford Upon Avon

08/04/20       Cheltenham

15/04/20       Bath

22/04/20       St Albans

29/04/20.      Swansea

30/04/20.      Solihull

06/05/20       Chester

13/05/20.      Oxford

14/05/20.      Salisbury

Crowne Plaza

CV37 6YR



03/06/20       Harpenden

04/06/20       Warwick

10/06/20       Harrogate

17/06/20.      Marlow

24/06/20       Winchester

01/07/20       Milton Keynes

08/07/20.      Wilsmlow

The Racehorse P.H

Stratford Rd

CV34 6AS

We are virus proofing our workshops. In the event that you find yourself in lockdown then do not sweat, we will deliver the same secrets as in the workshops, over 3 one hour web meetings.

First hour is crafting your material into a story that will engage your audience.

Second hour is looking at how to manage the nerves and stand up and speak with emotion and confidence.

Third hour,  how to inject humour into your speech.

We’ve decided to carve this up as we understand the pressure of finding a full 3 hours in one go, especially in a busy household might be more difficult .  The advantage is that you will have time to work on your speech between the web meetings and therefore the opportunity to ask specific questions or get help in sessions 2 and 3.

Dates - Tuesday 31st March, 8pm - 9pm,   Tuesday 7th April, 8pm - 9pm and Tuesday 14th April 8pm - 9pm.

Once you have signed up, we will email you a web link on Friday 27th March.  Its designed to be quick and easy for you to sign up, just by following a link.  If you do not receive this link please check your spam folder. If you still can't find it contact