Crafting Stories To Help Get Your Business Noticed

Would you like to get more people interested in your products and services and build your business faster? If so our "Crafting Stories" program is for you.


As a business owner, your success relies on your power of your pitch. 

  • Pitch your products and services  

  • Pitch your business                        

  • Pitch yourself                                  

Whether your pitches are written or spoken, applying the techniques a comedian uses will help you add punch to your pitch

This is About What to Say Rather than Where to Say It!

There are many ways to get your pitch out there – Social media, traditional media, speaking engagements, web presence, posters, leaflets … the list is only limited by your imagination.


If you think of these channels as a ‘microphone’, they are a tool to get your message heard. The "Crafting Stories" Program is not about which microphone to use (e.g Facebook versus Twitter) – or how to use that microphone (how to set up accounts or build a website) – there are plenty of people that are experts at this. It is about helping you know what to say into that microphone. How to craft a story about your business and your products that people will love and will buy into.

The tools and techniques we will teach you, will help you to grab attention, keep that attention and get you and your business noticed.


As, comedians, our whole craft is what we say into that microphone.  If we are rubbish, you don’t laugh. Worst still, you stop listening - so we no longer have the opportunity to make you laugh. As a result we have learnt a whole range of techniques that make our stories concise, attention seeking, engaging and appropriate to the audience and of course funny. 

Seeing Results

Our clients are seeing amazing results from these techniques. Response rates to Linkedin campaigns jumping from 14% to nearly 71% by focusing on the story behind the company rather than just pushing product. Sales from Leaflet drops up 29% by just changing the tone of the messaging and introducing humour. We are constantly evolving our techniques - learning from what is working and which techniques spark the most interest in which situation - and building all of this learning back into the "Creating Stories" program.

Crafting Your Story

First of all, we don’t write the stories for you. We are big believers in teaching you how to do this for yourself for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s your business and your story. If it isn’t in your voice then it will lose impact when you tell it. 

  2. Sometimes the story won’t resonate with your audience in the way you hoped, so you will have to change it, improve it, tell it differently until you work out what which part of the story your potential customers are most interested in.  

  3. You will be evolving your business all the time, so as your business changes, it is critical that you keep your story up to date.

What we do is teach you these techniques and how they can be used - and then coach and support you as you apply them to craft your story.

What's Included in the "Crafting Stories" Program

The foundation of the "Crafting Stories" program is a practical 90 minute Zoom Workshop that has been specifically designed to walk you through the process of crafting an engaging and compelling story.

Topics covered in the initial workshop are :

  • Creating a story for your business, your brand and/or your products.

  • How to weave your story into your customers story.  How to tell that story from their perspective, so that they understand how your business and products can help them.

  • How to grab attention in your communications. How to start strong and get people hooked.  As a Stand-up Comedian we have 20 seconds to get the audience laughing – if we don’t do that in the first 20 seconds the rest of the set will be a lot harder!

  • How to keep people reading and/or listening.  There are lots of techniques ensure your story so engaging that your potential customers keep reading.  

  • How to add humour.  Humour attracts people and helps you to bond quickly.  If adding jokes scares you, we start with some low risk structures, so even if nobody laughs, they won’t even realise you were trying to.  If you are already comfortable adding humour, we can give you some futher techniques for getting more laughter.

  • Getting up to speak in public. If you are nervous, you can’t command the same confidence in yourself and in your product.  We share some techniques to overcome nerves and if you are still feeling nervous, how to address it with your audience, so it is not distracting them from your pitch.  These techniques work, many Stand-up Comedians are incredibly shy and yet they managed to get up and make the whole room laugh, without anyone ever guessing how nervous they are. 

  • Now the fun starts.  How to evolve.  How to apply the tools, test your story and how to keep improving your story.  

How Much Does It Cost and When?

We do the first part of the program in a Zoom workshop – introducing you to the technqiues and how to use them.  We understand that small businesses are often under massive financial restrictions so taking these workshops into the virtual world has allowed us to reduce the costs (no venue, no travel and unfortunately for you, no biscuits!). So during the pandemic we will charging only £99 for our  "Crafting Stories" workshop

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