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Two men laughing at work

"If you can laugh together, you can work together"

Robert Orben

Team building that connects people through laughter.  

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Laughter is the closest distance between two people. Victor Borge

Laughing with colleagues and team mates is a very quick way to build new relationships and strengthen existing relationships.

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Laughter makes us feel relaxed and safe

"Laughter is a subconscious signal that we're in a state of relaxation and safety,"  Prof. Sophie Scott, UCL.  

If your team is laughing together, then it's likely their protective guard is down. This helps creates trust between team members.

How can we help you inject laughter into your team events?

Team Building Workshops

Everyone is funny, even those people who don't think they are.  Our comedy team building workshops are designed to get your team members making each other laugh.  The biggest obstacle to humour is fear.  Our comedians will get your team laughing, relaxed and feeling safe.  Without even trying every member of your team will be laughing and making others laugh.

The Benefits

When someone laughs at your jokes it makes you feel good & it makes you like them more!  This is good for building more positive relationships.

Laughter makes everyone equal.  This is not team building where everyone takes their usual roles and the boss is in charge.  No one is required to lead and everyone gets their chance to take part, or sit back and enjoy laughing at their colleagues.

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