Comedy At Work …. Teambuilding with a difference


·      Do you want to push your team out of their comfort zone?

·      Would you like your team to develop closer working relationships?

·      Do you want to get your team working together in a creative way?

·      Would you like your team to walk away with tools and techniques that they can use everyday at work?


Comedy At Work …. Getting your team creative


We spend the day using a series of creative exercises to get people relaxed.  Everyone is naturally funny.  The exercises are designed to bring out your naturally funny side.  


We are all attracted to those friends that make us laugh out loud and we all know how amazing it feels to make someone else laugh. A whole day of people making each other laugh is a great way to bring team members together and build stronger working relationships. 


Comedy At Work …. Pushing you out of your comfort zone


We marry that with then thinking about writing and creating something funny to share with the team on stage at the end of the day. Doing Stand Up Comedy can be overwhelming scary to some people.  And yet, that is exactly why you should give it a go. 


It’s a no lose situation


If you get up on stage and make people laugh, you did it, overcame a fear and can be proud of yourself. That’s an awesome feeling.

If you didn’t, then you realise that it’s not the end of the world. You still did it and you survived. 


As a comedian, you learn to fail, fail often and fail in front of people. Every comedian has gigs were nobody laughs, the more successful the comedian is, the more they have failed. This is the most important lesson I have learnt from doing Stand Up Comedy. It makes you a lot braver. Overcoming that fear of ‘what people will think’ and even worst the fear of ‘looking like a complete idiot in front of people I know’ sets you free, to take chances and not hold back.  You become a more valuable asset to your company as you become a braver member of the team. 


Feeling scared, want to leave this web page right now!! Don’t worry, we do this in a gentle way.  We come armed with a whole set of techniques to help manage the nerves and get you standing up in front of people. These techniques are also invaluable back in the workplace and in life in general. 


Find Out more by either emailing or call on 07723711809. We would love to talk to you and we look forward to having a laugh with your team soon …..