Creating Confidence through Comedy 

Would you like your teenager to feel more confident?

Would you like your teenager to find making friends much easier and less stressful?

Would you like your teenager to feel relaxed in new or unfamiliar situations

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Laughter feels good. It helps reduce tension, it helps us all feel more relaxed.


Laughter also helps people connect – we are naturally attracted to people that make us laugh and are always laughing themselves. 


We can teach your teenager how to use humour to connect with others.  We use techniques to help them realise just how creative and funny they are.  We also use the techniques that comedians use to ‘get them relaxed enough to perform’ to help them manage their nerves and fears. 


Have you ever been in a situation and didn’t know what to say … only to think of the best response 2 days later?  We can teach your teenager some tools to both come up with witty retorts and to practice this so that they start to come naturally, more often. You might not want your teenager to practice this on you though!

Workshop One : Everyone is Funny

The purpose of workshop one, which will last approximately 90 minutes, is to build confidence in your teenager by showing them they are already naturally funny, creative and unique.  We also let them experience that amazing feeling of making others laugh. This is great for their self-esteem and shows them that in this serious world, they can feel good through laughter. 


One of the comedy improv games we use, gets your teenager to create a unique object  (that would never have been thought of by anyone else in the world).  They don’t even realise they’ve done this,  until we point it out to them after the game….. 


That’s a real 'Wow' moment as your child gets to understand for themselves how creative they can be and how unique they actually are. 


Whilst your teenager will gain a lot from just attending the "Everybody is Funny " workshop, it has been specifically designed as the foundation for subsequent workshops as it builds the confidence they need to start using humour and storytelling to overcome their fears and make new friends.

Workshop 2 : Using Comedy to Overcome Fear

Using similar games from the first workshop, we focus on stories to help teenagers look at their fears in a different way. 


We talk about how we create fear in our mind, by imagining the worst things that might happen in a situation.  This creates a physical reaction in our body so that we ‘feel’  fear or 'feel' nervous.  We use the story telling games to change those worries.  First by facing the fears head on but also using the imagination to change the ‘what if’ story. 

Through comedy games and role playing we show your teenager that a lot of our fears are imaginary and that they can be overcome by simply starting to change how they think about the situation. 


We then take these approaches and work with other uncomfortable situations and emotions and using the same approaches.


A couple of notes here. Firstly we will never ask an individual to talk about their fears. We simply ask them to volunteer scenarios and if as a group they don’t make any suggestions, we use common examples – such as participating in the school play or joining a new class.

Secondly, if you child has a serious, or specific fear, please understand that this is not counselling and a different approach may be required.  Please do talk to us about this before booking so together we can decide if this workshop is appropriate and if it is, we can be aware of the circumstances. 

Workshop Three : Making New Friends

Workshop Three, is focused on using these comedy techniques to help teenagers connect with others. We take the work done in workshop Two about overcoming fear and apply it to ‘Why is talking to certain people scary?’

Once we look at fear, we use the creativity and humour games to give teenagers different ideas of how to start conversations with new people or those that may make them feel nervous.  Making others laugh, will make your teenager feel good about themselves and the more they do it, the more their confidence will grow. 


We know how we are naturally attracted to confident people and funny people. The more they practice these techniques the more your teenager will naturally attract others, making it more and more easy to make new friends and be included. 


Where & When

We hold our workshops over the ZOOM platform. You don’t need a ZOOM account and we will send you over all the details you need in advance of the workshop. We also limit our events to just 10 teenagers, this means that they all get plenty of time to get involved. Our Teen workshops are aimed at children aged 12 – 16.  

Taking Safety Seriously

Comedy At Work-102.jpg

Even though this event is online, we take your child's safety and wellbeing seriously. All Workshop Hosts (workshops will be hosted by either Anne Docherty or Mark Hinds) are CRB checked and our certificates can be made available upon request. We will only record the events if permission is given in advance.  Parents are welcome to sit in on the workshops, if only to steal tips!!


If you would like to sign your child up to one of our workshops please use the link below, if you would like any further information please call us on 07725362677 or email

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