Comedy Techniques That Can Add Punch to Your Teaching

Are You a Lecturer or Teacher or Do you Deliver Corporate Training?

  • Would you like your students to look forward to your lectures?

  • Would you like to be known as an engaging and funny speaker?

  • Would you like to use the techniques a comedian uses, to illustrate your points?

  • Would you like your students to get the best results possible and know it is a result of your training?

But I Already Use Lots of Humour in My Lectures!

Even if you already use lots of humour in your lectures/courses, this course is still for you.  It will introduce you to new techniques that will enable you to introduce even more humour into your training and use that humour effectively - making it more memorable, enjoyable and engaging. 

If you are just starting, then we have some low risk tools, which if you add, even if they don’t get a laugh, will make what you are saying easier to remember – it’s sort of a win/win situation.  

Once you start getting the laughs, it will make you more confident at trying more or playing around with how you stay things to discover what works best for you. 

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But Comedians are Just About Being Funny, My Work is Serious. 

A Stand-Up Comedian has to immediately get the audience listening.  Comedians tell stories in a way that keeps people interested, they use emotion and surprise to keep the audience on their toes and wanting to listen. 

They do this for one reason -- to make people laugh. 


The punch line is where a comedian gets the result, the laugh.  But you can only get to the laughter if you keep the audience listening and paying attention to you. 


What Can a Stand-Up Comedian Really Teach Me?

We can teach you all those techniques, tricks, tools that comedians use in order to get to engage with their audience, keep their attention, illustrate their point and bring their material to life.


If you want to get your point across in an engaging way, one that gets people excited and enthusiastic, and one that is clear and easy to understand, then these techniques are for you. 

You might even find yourself becoming funnier and funnier at the same time.

How Do We Teach These Techniques?

We cover the techniques in an interactive workshop (hosted on Zoom). We also provide one to one coaching if required.


There is a lot to share with you.  

The Workshops -  What to Expect


Creating Passion.

  • As a trainer I am sure you are already passionate about your subject.  But are there some topics that are less exciting to you?

  • Do you get a better response from your students from the topics that you are most passionate about?

  • I’m sure you already know that passion can make or break a lecture. We cover ways that you can become more passionate about the bits that might currently bore you.  

  • And we are not talking about faking it!  Using humour on very dry subjects can really help. If you can amuse yourself, it is much more likely you can amuse your audience.  Even if they don’t get the joke, they will see you enjoying presenting and that immediately draws their attention. 


How to Connect With your Audience.  

  • The more connected you are with your audience, the more engaged they are with you. 

  • As a comedian, we need to get ‘totally in the room’.  There are techniques for doing this.

  • Being connected makes your listeners feel like you are talking to them, not just delivering the same lecture over and over again.  


Tools for Punching Up Your Communication

  • Starting strong – how to open your presentation so you grab attention from the first moment. 

  • How to remove extra words to get to the point.  Too many extra words and facts distracts from the key points you are trying to make. 

  • Using storytelling and emotion to illustrate your key points.

  • The stage skills you need to command your audience. 


Adding Humour

  • If you are new to adding humour some ‘low risk’ tools that even if you don’t get a laugh will make what you are saying, more memorable.

  • If you are used to making people laugh, some new structures to get even more laughs.

  • How to make jokes appropriate and what is inappropriate. 

  • Stage skills - the silly mistakes that will kill engagement but are easy to avoid. 

Now the Fun Starts

  • How to evolve.  How to apply the tools and how to keep getting better. 


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