Comedy At Work …. Helping You Make Your Online Training Stand Out


We are all adapting, we are  all having to take training courses online. 

We are faced with the challenge, how do we keep each student engaged and ensure that they have a great learning experience.


As a Stand Up Comedian, being funny is only part of the job.  Comedians use a whole range of techniques to grab attention and keep attention.  Afterall it is difficult to make someone laugh if they aren’t listening to you.  That challenge becomes even more difficult online, imagine trying to engage with someone who is sending an email, making a coffee or even taking the dog for a walk! It’s much easier to hide from a camera and do something else instead.  So as trainers, you have to up your game. That’s were we come in. 


Comedy At Work … Can Help you keep attention


We can share with you a whole range of techniques you can use when presenting your material to keep your audience hanging on your every word. They can help you take the driest of subjects and bring them to life.  These techniques can help you really shine as a teacher.  


Couple these techniques with some comedy improv exercises that breaks up the training courses, gets your online students moving, having a bit of fun and their minds ‘back in the room’.  Your training courses will stand out from your competitors.


And, you can also use these techniques when we are all allowed back in the classroom. I guarantee your investment will pay off. 

Next course dates


Friday 3rd July 2020



This workshop plus 1 hour 1-2-1 coaching