Comedy At Work …. Helping you thrive in a virtual world


Overnight the world has gone virtual.  This brings new challenges for all of us.


How do we manage our online meetings?

How do we make them engaging enough that everyone is listening?

How do we make them fun as well as effective?

How do we help our team members feel connected to each other?


For a Stand Up Comedian, being funny is only part of the job.  Comedians use a whole range of techniques for grabbing attention and keeping the audience engaged.  If the audience aren’t listening it is very difficult to make them laugh. 


In this 60 minute workshop we share with you some of these tools and techniques. 

Use them in your online meetings to keep every person engaged and listening from start to finish.  


On top of that we share with you a number of exercises from the world of comedy improv that we have tested in virtual meetings. These exercises get everyone fully engaged and having a little fun.  And best of all, it means nobody at your meeting can disappear to send an email, make a coffee or take the dog for a walk! 


Virtual meetings are here to stay, why don’t you make yours the one that everybody looks forward to attending?



next course dates


Thursday 2nd July 2020