Wellbeing Through Laughter

We all know how great it feels to have a good laugh.  It makes us feel mentally and physically more relaxed and it great for relieving stress and tension. 


Laughter helps us connect with others. It breaks down barriers and makes us feel less isolated.


When we make someone else laugh, it feels us feel good. In fact there are two strong emotions there – that lovely feeling of making someone else feel good coupled with that boost in self-esteem that we were able to get somebody laughing. 


And the thing is, its easy.  It’s much easier than you think. Humans love to laugh, think how easy the laughter flows when you have a meal out with friends.  Humans are naturally creative and although as adults we sometimes don’t think we are, with a little encouragement it starts to flow. 

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So, How Can We Help ?

Creating Laughter Clubs, we can show you and your teams different creative and comedy activities that you can use to laugh together.  

The power of a laughter club, is the mental and physical wellbeing that you would get from doing a more traditional wellbeing activity such as yoga, with the team wellbeing of doing this together. 

If you then add on a sprinkle of that lovely feeling of making each other laugh – there is a lot of wellbeing being created.

If you then take that back into team meetings with a leader who knows how to use to this to increase engagement, you really will be having a massive impact on the morale of your workforce.

We can make you laugh




We can show you how to make each other laugh




We can show you how to make yourself laugh !

What Next ?


We can deliver this as a one off event or through a series of on-going training events, teambuilding days and coaching. 


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