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"There is little success, where there is little laughter" 

Andrew Carnegie

Have you thought about laughter as a tool to boost
employee wellbeing, engagement, innovation and productivity?

Health & Wellbeing

Laughter is good for our physical and mental health.  It  is a very powerful and enjoyable way to reduce stress and improve our wellbeing.


Laughing together helps us form & strengthen relationships with our colleagues, leaders and customers.


Laughter leads to an increase in productivity, helps us solve problems & leads to flashes of inspiration.

How to use humour at work


Would you like to enhance the happiness & wellbeing of your people using laughter?

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Are you interested in using laughter to create and strengthen bonds between your team members?

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Would you like your leaders to enhance the way they engage, inspire and motivate your people?

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Would your like to tap into that

goldmine of ideas your people have?

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Using comedy techniques to create and deliver winning sales messages and presentations

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 Do you want to inject large doses of laughter at your events? 

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Would you like your leaders to inspire, motivate and engage their teams, colleagues and clients?

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Do you want to your marketing team to create attention grabbing marketing messages?

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Would you like your speakers to stand out at any presentation, sales pitch or conference?

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What our customers say

"It was a huge success and the feedback from the team has been nothing but positive! The games & exercises worked really well and we were particularly pleased to see some of the 'quieter' members of the group getting fully involved by the end of the session." 


Regional Vice President, Platform Sales at Salesforce

"Thanks again for yesterday, nothing but positive feedback from everyone that I have spoken to, including our CEO and also for those who may have appeared more reticent. Many commenting on how nervous they were but how relaxed you made them feel."


People Director,

Creed Foodservices

"This is the best thing I have ever done at work."

Team Member,


"I really enjoyed and highly recommend to anyone that needs a good laugh whilst working/learning."

Head of Operations,

Crown Commercial Service

"My team thought the comedy was the best part of our two day workshop, Many thanks. "

Head of ETCS Project Delivery,


"Thanks for organising our event last night, it was a great success and feedback I have had from all, including our CEO, has been fantastic. 

Director of Business Development,



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