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Comedy Coffee Breaks

Make Networking Fun

Boost Networking at Your Event

One of the biggest benefits of attending a conference is the networking potential.  And yet for some people this opportunity is wasted.  Not everyone is comfortable starting conversations with strangers. 

Comedy coffee breaks are a very gentle way to help people start conversations. By facilitating introductions it takes the pressure off those people who find that bit difficult.  And by making them interesting, memorable & funny, it breaks the ice very quickly.  


And once you know that Barry likes bowling & Sandra likes ski-ing, you already have a connection and a conversation starter for the next coffee break.

What to expect

Comedy coffee breaks are quick  5-10 minute ice breakers where people get to introduce themselves in creative and funny ways.  They won't need to prepare an introduction as the ice breakers are designed to be spontaneous.   

Depending on the feel of your event, we can go from super funny or light touch for those ultra serious  professional events. 

Connecting Suppliers & Customers

Conference delegates often tell us how they dread getting stuck with a sponsor trying to sell to them.  And yet sponsors are all there to try and connect with as many potential buyers as possible.

Comedy is a good way for buyers and sellers to connect and get to know each other, in a gentle, non 'salesy' way.    Turning your event into an even more attractive proposition for both sponsors & delegates. 

I usually dread the 'networking' aspect of going to events, but being introduce like this made everyone seem human and approachable. 

Claire, Engineering Director

I have never done anything like this before.  I liked it and it was good to have a laugh with strangers at the start of a 2 day event.  

James,  Project Manager

Contact us

Add Comedy Coffee Breaks to your event.

If you fancy adding a sprinkle of laughter either at the start or throughout your event, then fill in the form and we will be in touch.   

Of if you don't like filling in forms, you can email Anne at or go crazy with an old fashioned phone call on 07723 711809. 

But I am very sorry, we don't like fax machines so you can't fax us!

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