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Helping Young People

Confidence Building with Comedy

We can tailor the workshops

Confidence Building .. this is about getting out their comfort zone in a safe, supported way to discover that they can do way more than they thought they could.


Creating new friendship groups .. if you have a group of children who are struggling to find friends . getting them laughing together is a great way to build bonds quickly.  


Wellbeing .. if you have a group that is struggling, through the use of creative activities we encourage them to express themselves and explore what is great about them.   Not through serious talking, through creativity.  Some things feel easier and safer to express through jest.  

What happens in the workshop?

Through laughter and creativity our workshops are about getting relaxed, feeling safe and having fun.  We have a series of state shifting activities that move people from an analytical state into a creative state.  And you can often feel when that happens.  And you can see it when it happens with others .. experiencing this for yourself can be powerful way to experience that we all have the ability to change how we feel. 


And then we get creative.  Each member can participate in as much or a little as they want to.  Everyone is allowed to go at their own pace but we also do at intervals encourage and give a gently nudge to help participants have a go.   At first we just play games.  But they are carefully designed games which will get the whole team laughing and staying relaxed.  And when they are ready we start creating comedy together.   Depending on how many workshops we do . some may start to stand up and literally do some Stand Up.  But everyone will experience how good it feels to make others laugh.

I think I could be a comedian (Jack)

I'm well funny (Tyler)

Mark and his colleagues from Comedy at Work have been brilliant with our young people, they engage and encourage all to take part, even the staff! Having supported several young people to attend the workshops, I have found them to be great fun with a lot of laughter. Above all Mark and his colleagues are friendly, patient and will adapt their workshops to the needs of the young people.

Katy – Lead Mentor (Coventry Virtual School)

Keeping our young people actively engaged is never an easy task but Mark and his colleagues have delivered on this tenfold. Entertaining, funny and above all the nicest of people to work with’. 

Sabina - Enrichment Co-Ordinator (Warwickshire Virtual School).

What our clients say

I was nervous at first but Mark let me join in only the things I wanted to. (Jessica)

What Next?

If you think comedy might work for Young People, please get in touch talk it through. 

Fill in the form and one of the team will get back to you.

Or if you prefer to pick up the phone, please call Anne on:  07723 711809.

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