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Delight your guests

Add Comedy to the Agenda 

A Compere

Hiring a Comedian to compere your event will make the experience extra enjoyable for your guests.  

A professional comedian will not only inject comedy throughout the event but also interact with the audience, making your guests feel part of the event.

Adding Stand Up

To add a huge dose of laughter put some Stand Up Comedy on the Agenda.  Our clients have used comedy to either start with a bang, yes even at 8am. Re-energise the guests after that lovely lunch or add comedy to an evening event to get everyone in a social mood.

Thanks for organising our event last night, it was a great success and feedback I have had from all, including our CEO, has been fantastic.

Director of Business Development, Wincanton

“We booked a comedian to perform 

at our 2024 Annual Data Centre Solutions Awards. The comedian was a hit with the audience, filling the room with laughter”.

CEO, Angel Business Communications 

“Booking through Comedy at Work was a breeze. Anne handled everything, making the entire process stress-free” 

Vinny Bhandal 

Awards Events Manager

My team thought the comedy was the best part of our two day workshop, Many thanks.

Head of ETCS Project Delivery, Siemens

I just wanted to say thank you to the comedians and to both for all your hardwork in helping pull yesterday morning together. We’ve had some lovely feedback, it was a great success. 

Marketing Manager, Lodders

We had such brilliant feedback on the comedy – it is definitely our best ‘keynote’ to date by a country mile!

Director, V Formation Ltd

What our clients say

How to ensure Comedy is a Success

Get the Timing Right

The time of day you want to add comedy will have an impact on the comedian you chose.  After lunch for example a high energy comedian will help through that post lunch nap time.  After an evening meal, especially if there is alcohol, a high status comedian would be a good choice.

The more you think about your guests, the better the match with the comedian will be.  Would a high energy, high status comedian work or would a lower status, intellectual comedian be a better match?

Setting the Tone

Thinking carefully about the room and how it is set out will make a big difference to how comfortable the audience feel.  Comedy can be difficult if there are a lot of distractions.  If food is being served or it is noisy.  It only takes a couple of people to be speaking and the whole audience can get distracted and disrupt the comedy.

Some people can be a little nervous about comedy, especially if the compere is speaking with the audience. The more relaxed you can make your audience the more likely they are going to have a good laugh.  A simple trick of turning the lights down can help your guests relax.

Laughter is contagious and if your audience is spread out too much, you can lose that element.  If you are able to, setting up the room so the audience is sitting close together, will make a huge difference.

The Venue

Turn the Lights Down

Spreading the Laughter

We are comedians ourselves (although not yet household names, but we are working on that)!  And we hire comedians all the time.  Both for our own comedy club nights and for corporate events. 

We will never suggest a comedian we haven’t worked with or hired ourselves.  And that’s for our peace of mind as well as yours, we would much rather it we got in wrong at our comedy club than your event. 

We get to know every comedian, how audiences react to them, how reliable and professional they are to work with.  We understand how different types of audiences react to the different styles and subject matter.  

And we love comedy, so please give us a call and lets have a laugh …

Why Choose Us?

Want to make your event one to remember?

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