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Add Comedy
to Your 
Public Speaking

Want to make your audience laugh?

Are you already comfortable on stage and just want to treat your audience to more laughter and fun?


Our public speaking workshops are all about adding some drama and some humour and learning how to play with your audience.

For Confident Speakers

Comedy flow so much easier when you are relaxed on stage.  For nervous speakers we focus on ways to get those nerves under control and low risk ways to add comedy to your speech.  No one needs the stress of an audience knowing you tried to make them funny and failed.  So our low risk ways to add humour will at worst just enhance what your saying but at best will get your audience laughing and connecting with you.

For Nervous Speakers

If you speak regularly adding laughter will make it more fun for your audience and for you as a speaker.  There’s no doubt that laughter makes an audience more tuned in, no one wants to be surrounded by people laughing and wondering what they missed.  And speakers that make people laugh are perceived to be masters at what they do.  


Why just speak to your audience, when you can play with them, and bring them into the experience.  If you want to take your speaking to another level, we can’t wait to meet you

Adding comedy to your speaking …..
Getting Comfortable on Stage.....

Do you get nervous about speaking .. could you ever imagine getting excited about it?

If you would love to present yourself at your very best, then getting relaxed on stage can really help.  When we let go of the fear, it’s so much easier to captivate an audience, bring a story to life and make people laugh.


Our confidence through comedy workshops and courses are designed for you to get creative, have fun, play and build your confidence on stage.  We allow you to go at your own pace and get used to playing and having fun. 


And for the very nervous speaker .. we play with a whole range of calming techniques until we find the ones that help you most. 


What we cover .. every workshop is unique and it depends on how confident everyone is feeling.  If you are super nervous we start in a very gentle way, just being creative and seeing how easy it is to make people laugh.  And when you are ready, we get up on our feet and playing with words, sounds, body launguage to help you see just how funny and confident you can be.

Creating speeches that move people.....

Do you have a story to tell?  Do you want to sell through powerful and emotional stories? 

Getting your audience laughing will no doubt help enhance your delivery of a story.  But laughter is not always the response we are looking for.  If you want to move, inspire, anger or motivate an audience, the same tools and techniques can be used, just applied to a different emotion.  Imagine putting many different emotions into just one speech and taking your audience on a rollercoaster journey .. get it right and you are not just speaking, you are influencing hearts and minds.

Our workshops are delivered in 3 different ways

1-2-1 Coaching

 If you have a speech coming up and want to work with our team to look at how and where you can add humour then please book us. We will tailor these sessions around you and what you are trying to achieve.

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Online Masterclasses

There are some of the tools we use that we can share with you in the digital world.  We have created a series of masterclasses.

To see our timetable and book go to …

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In Person Experiences

Come and play, have fun and learn by doing. 


This is about learning through having a go and feeling the response from the audience. 

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