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Marketing with Comedy

Using the unexpected to get attention

Distilling a message down to be clear and concise is an art form.  That’s what comedy is.  A clear set up and a punch line.  In as few words as possible.


Comedians have lots of tools that help them get to the point .


Our facilitators will take you & your content through a series of creative and playful activities and capture the ideas as they flow.  We have a subset of the activities that work well online, so we are very happy to now be offering virtual workshops as well as in-person workshops. 

Hook & Headlines Workshops

Free Hooks & Headlines Taster 

In this taster workshop, we will give you a flavour of some of the creative activities used by comedians and how you can apply them to your content. 

Come with some content that you would like to whip into shape or think about from a different perspective.  This is a roll your sleeves up and have a go rather than a ‘training’ video to watch.  We limit the number of participants to 8 to give everyone a chance to take part and walk away with some real ideas they can use straight away.

Come and join us, network with marketing fellow colleagues, have a laugh and see if this approach is right for you and your team.

Fancy a Free Taster?

We run free 45 minute taster sessions most Thursdays at 5:15 pm UK Time.

Hooks & Headlines Online Workshops

This is a team workshop Online, where you will be doing real work.  Taking your latest product, service or content and being playful and creative with it.  The activities are designed to naturally help you: 


Get to the point

Connect with the Audience 

Use emotion 


Our facilitators will capture all the ideas so the team isn’t distracted by ‘capturing’ as this interrupts the creative flow. (We often record the session as the ideas flow so quickly it can be hard to keep up). 


Once you have experienced this approach, you can use all of these activities on your own again and again.  You don’t have to always invite us back for every campaign.. although you might want to.


The workshops are fun and won’t feel like work and you will go away having had a really good laugh with your colleagues.

Book Your Team Session Now

Keen to get going.  You can book an online Team workshop with us now.  We have a couple of dedicated slots on Thursdays each week.

If you would prefer a different day & time, get in touch and we can get it scheduled for you. 

Sessions Available

In Person Hook & Headlines workshops

The in person workshops take the creativity to another level. When people shift into a creative space, you can feel it.It changes the energy in the room.


The facilitators use a series of creative and playful activities to get your team generating ideas and really playing with your content. The aim to take your content and create lots of different hooks & headlines which you can then test to see which ones work best to grab the attention of your audience.

I can't believe how many different new angles the team found for a product I thought we had already explored from every perspective.

Carol Taylor,  Marketing Director

I got so many new ideas just from one workshop.  I'm now heading back to the office to start trying them all out. 

Sarah T,  Content Creator 

What our clients say

Are you ready to get going?  You can either just book now for a taster or online workshops.  To schedule an in person workshop get or want any more information, get in touch.  We can't wait to hear from you. 

Ways to get in touch, fill in the form or if you fancy picking up the phone, you can reach us on +44(0)7723 711809

What Next?

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