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How to be funny without causing offence

Want to be more funny, but worried you might get it wrong?

Tips to make sure your humour does not have the opposite of the desired effect|:

1) Steer away from subjects that you don't understand or could get you in trouble. It takes a lot of skill to make jokes about sensitive issues and even the most skilled comedians can upset people. So until you feel very competent, just stick to the things we all have in common as human beings. We all eat, sleep, go on holiday .....

2) The safest option with all humour, is to make yourself the butt of the joke. So if you want to share a story about your wife, rather than laughing at your wife - make it about you and how you react to her. That way you are laughing at yourself and not at your wife.

3) And, if you are trying to make someone laugh, especially in a work situation, maybe signal to them that you are joking! If you suddenly introduce humour in the middle of a serious meeting, it doesn't matter how funny the joke is, if people don't realise you are joking, it is unlikely to get a laugh. And worst it might cause offence. It's all about timing and warming up your audience first.

Please do give it a go though, laughter is so good for all of us ..

And for more tips on ways to add humour:

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