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Comedy Team Building

Your Team.......Together!

"This is the best thing I have ever done at work!!"

Ivan W


Laughter brings teams together

Is your team feeling disconnected from each other?

Could your team be more productive?

Has the trust between colleagues broken down?

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Teams that laugh together, work well together.

Does your team need to take some time out to build (or rebuild) working relationships?

Would your team benefit from building stronger relationships and building trust?

Would having a really good laugh help people to feel better?

Comedy team building brings colleagues together through laughter.  

The workshops are led by a comedian but the real focus in on colleagues making each other laugh.

There is no need to prepare any jokes or worry about standing up to perform.  The workshops are carefully designed so the laughter flows naturally.

Everyone is funny, even those that don't think they are. 

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"It was a huge success and the feedback from the team has been nothing but positive! The games & exercises worked really well and we were particularly pleased to see some of the 'quieter' members of the group getting fully involved by the end of the session." 


Regional Vice President, Platform Sales at Salesforce

Who we've worked with


Schnieder Electric


Creed Foodservices


Warwickshire Council

Warwick University

Lodders LLP

Newcastle University

Loughborough Univesity

Brompton Bicycles



Crown Commercial Service




Helping Hands

Ravenscourt School

Grow Organic

Network Four


Starry Skies Festival

"Thanks again for yesterday, nothing but positive feedback from everyone that I have spoken to, including our CEO and also for those who may have appeared more reticent. Many commenting on how nervous they were but how relaxed you made them feel."


People Director,

Creed Foodservices

Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is surprisingly good for both our mental and physical health.  So good I wonder if we could get a good laugh on prescription!

Laughter also makes us more productive.  And thats not just comedians who think that!  Research (from Warwick University) found that people were 12% more productive after having a good laugh. 


Other studies show that problem solving ability goes up by up to 20%. 

How does it work?

You can add comedy team building to an away day, conference or even just an ordinary day in the office. 

All you need is a room with a little space to move around.  Comedy team building works best with groups of 12 - 20.  Although we can tailor the sessions for any size group.

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The comedian is there to put your team at ease, get them laughing.  

We then will take your team through a series of creative exercises designed to get the laughter flowing naturally. 


What will your team be doing?  It's hard to describe as every one is truly unique.  The comedian comes with a whole range of comedy improv, creative and performance activities and will tailor the workshop depending on the level of laughter!

We've had teams creating and selling weird and wonderful products, we've seen teams compose funny songs and we've heard some incredibly funny poetry.  We've had the boss telling jokes using different emotions and everyone involved in creating team stories.

What happens during the workshop?
If you team needs a really good laugh fill in the form and we will call you, email you or even write you a letter - what we can't do is send you a fax - our team don't like fax machines!
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